May 10, 2009

Don't they have any shame?

I am posting a couple of pictures from the Pro-Köln/Anti-Pro-Köln rallies. They are in no particular order and they speak for themselves. I have kept my comments as brief as possible, too.

Just one general remark: A lot of them are from leftist websites. What appalls me most, is the disgusting obvious smugness that leaves no doubt that those people, preposterous, simpering cartoon characters at best, violent thugs most of them, seriously think they are proud and valiant "resistance fighters".

"Today we're sending a signal that democrats stand united against right-wing radicalism, racism and agitation," said Reinhard Bütikofer, former head of the Green party who attended the spectacle, while Mayor Fritz Schramma stated that the peaceful protests by "residents" showed that the city is "open and tolerant."

Don't they have any shame?

Resident jeweler's shop, anticipating open and tolerant protesters.

Patriotic residents, proudly displaying their German identity cards.

Anti-Nazi in open and tolerant anti-totalitarian outfit.

The imprint says: "German Muslim -- Here at home -- That is good" (the latter in the local Cologne dialect).

And more Colognophone residents.

Aftermath of a peaceful, open and tolerant anti-Nazi-rally performed by residents.

Open and tolerant anti-Nazi-residents rallying.

Open and tolerant... oh well whatever.

More open and tolerant dimwits whatevers.

Unthreatening, peaceful, open and tolerant anti-Nazi-residents rallying.

Open and tolerant residents against Nazis.

The agenda.

Peaceful resident protesting Nazi-presence.

Non-resident pro-Pro Köln protester.

"Hardcore" Pro-Köln protesters with what looks like Filip Dewinter on the right.

A link to this entry will, in the future, replace the boring, lengthy, repetitive (but obviously necessary because most people are unable to think outside "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" categories) "disclaimer", saying that I do not endorse the treatment of Pro Köln by the authorities.