May 10, 2009

Don't they have any shame?

I am posting a couple of pictures from the Pro-Köln/Anti-Pro-Köln rallies. They are in no particular order and they speak for themselves. I have kept my comments as brief as possible, too.

Just one general remark: A lot of them are from leftist websites. What appalls me most, is the disgusting obvious smugness that leaves no doubt that those people, preposterous, simpering cartoon characters at best, violent thugs most of them, seriously think they are proud and valiant "resistance fighters".

"Today we're sending a signal that democrats stand united against right-wing radicalism, racism and agitation," said Reinhard Bütikofer, former head of the Green party who attended the spectacle, while Mayor Fritz Schramma stated that the peaceful protests by "residents" showed that the city is "open and tolerant."

Don't they have any shame?

Resident jeweler's shop, anticipating open and tolerant protesters.

Patriotic residents, proudly displaying their German identity cards.

Anti-Nazi in open and tolerant anti-totalitarian outfit.

The imprint says: "German Muslim -- Here at home -- That is good" (the latter in the local Cologne dialect).

And more Colognophone residents.

Aftermath of a peaceful, open and tolerant anti-Nazi-rally performed by residents.

Open and tolerant anti-Nazi-residents rallying.

Open and tolerant... oh well whatever.

More open and tolerant dimwits whatevers.

Unthreatening, peaceful, open and tolerant anti-Nazi-residents rallying.

Open and tolerant residents against Nazis.

The agenda.

Peaceful resident protesting Nazi-presence.

Non-resident pro-Pro Köln protester.

"Hardcore" Pro-Köln protesters with what looks like Filip Dewinter on the right.

A link to this entry will, in the future, replace the boring, lengthy, repetitive (but obviously necessary because most people are unable to think outside "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" categories) "disclaimer", saying that I do not endorse the treatment of Pro Köln by the authorities.


Alligator said...

I'm offended by the protester wearing the "Indian headband and feathers" Is she mocking American Indians, who are my friends and my relatives? If this is okay, then she is equally justified to wear black face and a grass skirt. Would people be outraged if she mocked black Africans that way? Where is her "sensitivity" to indigenous peoples? Feathers are sacred and have profound spiritual connotations and here they are rendered in a cartoonish fashion and used in a childish manner. Why do Europeans think they can can continue to make light of Indian people and their culture? Where is the respect for native cultures the left so loudly proclaims to possess?

The_Editrix said...

Good points, 'gator! However, I think Germans would be absolutely stunned if they'd ever get your point. Yes, a grass skirt, a nappy wig and a black face would be certainly politically non-correct, but that is out of condescension. The poor Negroes must be protected, whereas American Indians are quasi "honorary Germans". That is partly due to Karl May, partly due to the projection and identification with the Amerinds who were, after all, victims of American savagery as well as the Germans. Also, they are proof that Americans are no better than we Germans because what they did to the Indians was AT LEAST as bad as what Germans did to the Jews.

I think this woman is taking herself and the hackneyed symbolism the "Indian" headgear is supposed to convey (warrior, resistance fighter etc.) very seriously indeed, no fun in sight.

Not that this makes it any less offensive.

Alligator said...

Nora, this discussion got me to thinking about your remake of the "Waffling Warrior" blog. I still go back from time to time out of curiosity but I don't post anymore. The site is just not my cup of tea. However, I do notice that your name is still mentioned and it appears that information from your blogs is periodically referenced. Just wondering if you aware of that? I guess you live on in the hearts and minds of the Doctor and some of his more ardent posters.

The_Editrix said...

'gator, basically, I am aware of that. I go there rarely, first because there simply isn't anything that interests me anymore and second because it is obvious that they want me to read what they say and I simply refuse to condescend to that sort of communication. But I become aware of it a different way. Of course, the little technical gadgets for website owners record not just location and ISP, but system details as well, such as language, operating system (Windows, Linux or Apple Mac including the respective versions), browser incl. version, the Javascript version and the monitor resolution. If now, after the update of this entry the visits from certain locations stop and the number of anonymous accesses rises proportionally, that is pretty telling, the more as the hit counters may stop revealing ISP and location, but go on showing system details and, not to forget, referrers or the lack thereof, entry pages and exit pages, all pretty telling as well. I guess that can be filed under "information we never wanted to get", but yes, that's how I get aware of it.

Alligator said...

So would I be correct in surmising that the Doctor himself and a certain lady from Canada (among others) are paying your site frequent visits?

By the way, the woman wearing the faux Indian headband and feathers. Yuck. Do these people purposefully try to make themselves look unattractive? Kind of reminds me of my hippie days when everyone tried to look natural or what they thought was natural. Shoot, pioneer women in the American West looked "natural" most of the time and usually not by choice. They were equally as unattractive as this protestor.

In contrast Indian women, when they were not working the fields or butchering game and preparing hides, would "doll up" with vermilion, verdigris,white buckskin dresses and a variety of beads, rings and ribbons in their hair. If you look at old paintings and photos, they really do look nice. So much for the "savage" in the "natural state." Better tastes than many Europeans and white Americans.

The_Editrix said...

There is no indication that Yeagley himself visits all that often and I truly believe that he doesn't know how to handle a cloaker. (I may be wrong.) If he thematizes my writing I guess he is tipped off by his flunkies. Yes, the best giveaway is the location, but as I said, referrer (or the lack of it), entry- and exit pages are telling as well and the funniest (ha ha and peculiar) thing is that people don't seem to realize that.

I once read that Germany is one of the countries with the lowest expenditure for decorative cosmetics. I haven't travelled by air for a while, but did so a lot in the past. The difference in grooming is stunning if one compares the *Lufthansa* girls with their beautifully turned out colleagues from other airlines. It is just something that seems to be not so important here and not necessarily an aggressive statement, although it CAN be. I guess it is easily perceived as "shallow" here.

The different perceptions of what is "natural" you describe are fascinating.

Alligator said...

Let me clarify, some people look fine without cosmetics and I do believe some people overdo it with makeup. For some reason, the picture of this woman makes me think she either does not care about her appearance or she has been camping in the woods for the previous week (in the same clothes). I guess a left wing protest is not the place where you would want to make a fashion statement anyway. She looks unhappy and miserable in general.

But it is interesting contrast, many American Indian men and women were really into their appearance. Even today they go all out on their ceremonial and dance outfits. I know some that are literally wearing thousands of dollars worth of clothing (when you add in the labor time) Some of these dances and ceremonies are a literal explosion of color and art forms.

Here's another interesting fact. Historically most Indians would bathe daily if they could, sometimes more than once. They also frequently participated in "sweats" (like a sauna). Following these they would use plants like soap weed, sweet grass or sage to scent themselves. Contrast that to early Europeans and white Americans who seldom if ever bathed. Of course to those people Indians were "dirty savages" Ha!

The Osages have an ancient tradition that when they met their first Europeans, they were literally sickened by their smell. Body odor and dried sweat trapped inside heavy clothing was a new and foreign odor to them.

The_Editrix said...

Highly intriguing information, 'gator! Indeed that is all new to me.

Yes, it wasn't cleanliness for which Europeans were famous. If one follows non-romanticized records from the court of Louis XIV, the mind boggles.

I, personally, prefer to see a woman beyond her very first youth always wearing some light makeup. It's a matter of non-sluttishness, really. That woman with the feather would be considered pretty average, groomingwise, here.

Rolf Krake said...

The bottom picture with Filip Dewinter is from Antwerp in Belgium the 16th of January 2008, not from Cologne.

The_Editrix said...

Thanks! I've changed it.