May 10, 2009

Loose Apes with Razors

It goes on and on and on and on. Let them side with their own worst enemies. Fine! But they are playing, like a loose ape that has somehow grabbed a razor, with OUR future as well. This time it's at Gates of Vienna. My opening phrase refers to an earlier comment of Baron Bodissey:

May I paraphrase your words, Baron?

You are not privy to all the private correspondence that passes back and forth between German Islam critics. My advice to you is not to jump to conclusions regarding an unanimous stance of those behind "Politically Incorrect", or indeed, all German "anti-Jihadists" in the matter of Pro-Köln.

When will you (plural) finally understand that there ARE NO "conservative" parties in Germany? If you still want to go to bed with them, that's fine, but you ought at least to know what you may catch and for heaven's sake stop selling those guys as what they clearly aren't to unsuspecting Americans. You are playing, like the proverbial ape with the razor, with OUR, the Germans' future. That said, when will you (plural) learn that anything (but ANYthing!) with "Pro" followed by something German is per definitionem bound to belong to the vilest America-hating faction?

And now comes the sadly mandatory disclaimer: Whatever Pro-Köln is and whatever all the other "Pro" groups are, they are legal and their treatment by the authorities is shameful, to say the least. However, it doesn't make them any less miscast as saviours of our Western culture.

The Israel-banners at "Pro" rallies are largely due to Stefan Herre, the founder of Politically Incorrect, who is as nice as a guy can be, but who doggedly refuses to see the "Pros" as what they are. Maybe that is some more information to which you are not privy. Well, now you are.

By the way, I am published at the English section of "Politically Incorrect", just to make clear where I stand.

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