August 28, 2009

Duh! Or: Three Cheers to Stalinism

I came across the following while I was doing some modest research on the man-with-migration-background-on-German-female rape statistics. The figures concerning the rape of European women by Muslim immigrants, specifically in the Scandinavian countries, are, thanks to Fjordman, well known. However, figures about Germany are conspiciously missing. I have two explanations for that, which may both apply or be both wrong. The first one is that Muslim immigrant-on-indigene rapes are yet not as ubiquitous in Germany as they are in Scandinavia or the U.K., the other one is that Germany is not on the international map, as in so many other respects. However, searching (without result) for such figures, I came across a study by the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit of the London Metropolitan University "Rape: Still a forgotten issue". As soon I see a feminist issue called "forgotten", all my inner alarm bells start ringing, and I was, not too amazingly, right. The Search for "Germany" led me to the following information dating back to 2001:
Country Reported Rapes Population in Mio
England/Wales 9743 52
Germany 7891 82
Greece 170 10
Sweden 1752 9
The interpretation is rather endearing:
If reporting were constant with respect to population, the Greek and Swedish figures should be relatively similar, but the country with a smaller population has a reporting rate ten times higher. Similarly, the German figure should be considerably higher than that for England and Wales, but is actually a fifth lower.
"Should"! You don't say!

At this point, a look at the methodology of the study may be in order:
The base data comprises short questionnaires sent to Justice Ministries in all European Union member states, aspirant states, Switzerland and Norway. Information was sought on:
• Numbers of rape cases reported, prosecuted and resulting in convictions in 1998-2001.
• For countries that failed to respond to the first survey, or provided incomplete data, an opportunity to provide the same information for 1977-1997.
• Any recent research containing either national prevalence data, including unreported rapes, or analysis of the attrition process.
• Details of any major reforms during the 1980s and 1990s with respect to: criminal law on rape; courtroom procedures; guidelines for prosecutors; guidelines for police investigations.
• National provision for forensic medical examinations.
Views were also sought about barriers to successfully prosecuting rape cases and whether rape was currently on the national political agenda. Ministries were, therefore, sent variations of the questionnaire depending on what data had, and had not, been provided previously.

Of 35 Justice Ministries, 21 returned questionnaires, some promptly, others only after multiple reminders by both the research team, and project partners in country. The non-cooperation of some states, and the absence of complete data from others, raises issues about the possibilities of tracking the most fundamental indicators of responses to violence against women, which has not only been recommended by the European Women’s Lobby (2001), but also been matters of policy development during the last four presidencies of the EU.
In other words, this was not a study about rape, but on the willingness of European authorities to comply with mindless, pseudo-academic, feminist projects. No attention was given to the perpetrators, and the authors of the study made no effort whatsoever to ask why some figures were not as they "should" have been.

What about this:
Country Muslims Percent
U.K. 1,640,958-2,000,000 2.7-3.3
Germany 4,413,639 4.9
Greece 139,182 1.3
Sweden 270,933 3
I took the figures from the Wikipedia entry about worldwide Islam. Notabene that they are from 2007, not 2001, and that they apply to the entire U.K. and not just to England and Wales. However, as this is a blog entry, not a post-doc project, they will have to do.

Can there be conclusions be drawn from this? Maybe. Here are mine in no particular order. It shows (and I am sure that further figures for different countries would substantiate that) 3% of Muslim population seems to be a critical limit. It shows further, that the Brits are unable to control their Muslim population and to keep track of their population generally. But most of all, it shows that a modicum of knowledge about the countries one attempts to "analyze" is indispensable.
The number of reported rapes in Germany fell from 1984 to 1990, but increases from this year, although with year on year variation. This trend accelerates sharply with a 16 per cent increase between 1997 and 1998 although this decreases slightly in 1999 and 2000 before rising again in 2001. That said, however, the large increase one would expect following reunification, which almost doubled the population, is not evident in these figures.
Yes girls! That is, because there were very few Muslims living in the former GDR and those who WERE, knew quite well that any antics about "religious freedom" and "freedom of speech" wouldn't have taken them all that far in Stalinist Germany. Also, rape was rather frowned upon and there wasn't much room for multicultural empathy for the perpetrator within the great International Socialist brotherhood if it occured -- and that was a good thing.


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