August 29, 2009

Eiffel Tower to be Illuminated in the Turkish Colours

The Eiffel tower will be illuminated in the colours of the Turkish flag complete with crescent and star from 8-29 October 2009.

Protesters click HERE.


Always On Watch said...

Reminds me of the illuminating the Empire State Building in green (jihad green) during Ramadan a few years back.

Dhimmitude abounds throughout the West!

Alligator said...

Get your prayer rugs! Right here! Get your prayer rugs! Sheesh. These things are a sure sign that people think their own history and culture is worth less than that of the "immigrants.". Since nature abhors a vacuum, these folks should be prepared to realize the dream of living under sharia law.

Alligator said...

Obama ignores National Day of Prayer but sends out 5 minute Ramadan Blessing to Muslims

Contrast that Ramadan message to his Easter/Passover message.