October 18, 2009

Why Allah is not the God of the Bible

Commenter Jake Neuman sent me a link to his website with a summary of his book Islam: Evil in the Name of God. I haven't read it (yet), but judging from the summary and the brief preview at Amazon, I find it sufficiently important to give it some publicity.

The topic of the Evil of Islam and specifically the hanging of women and - yes - little girls in Iran is a recurrent theme here, and the fact that the book focuses on that was an additional incentive for me. So here is Islam: Evil in the Name of God:


Read Why: 9/11 is Koran Teaching 9:111. The murder of
2,973 human beings on 9/11 is not a crime
in Islam but a holy,divine act guaranteeing accession
to a Paradise filled with lustrous eyed, full breasted
virgins. Kafirs (nonMuslims) are vile sub-humans to
Muslims possessing absolutely no humanity. The killing
of 2,973 meant no more to Muslims then stepping on
2,973 ants.

Read why in Islam, God is a pedophile monster and a
male chauvinist pig. Sex with children, raping sex
slaves, enslaving women and children are divine, holy,
eternal laws of God.

Read why: The prophet Muhammad was no prophet of
God but a psychotic manic.

Read why: Islam is a total renunciation of God - a very
great crime and sin against God.

Read why: In the struggle against Islam nothing less then
the existence of Western Civilization is at stake.

President Roosevelt said in his 1932 inaugural address
“Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself”.





Mona Mahmudnizhad...........................Taraneh Mousavi

The picture of the Iranian woman hanging from a construction
boom on the front cover is dedicated to the two thousand women
hanged in Iran since the revolution. They are all the first Nedas.

It is dedicated to the 10 Bahá' religious women hanged
in Shiraz Iran in 1983 after they refused to renounce
their religion and become Muslims - Mona Mahmudnizhad,
who was just 17 years old, 23 year old Roya Ishraqi, a
promising veterinary student, was executed with her 50 year
old mother, Izzad Janami Ishraqi, 20 year old Akhtar Sabit,
a graduate nurse, 28 year old Mahshid Nirumand a physics
graduate from the University of Shiraz, Shirin Dalvand 25
years old, Tahirih Siyavushi a 32 year old nurse, 20 year
old Simin Sabiri, Zarrin Muqimi and the oldest 54 year old
Mrs Nosrat Yalda'I.

Another Neda was Dina Parnabi an Iranian high school student,
accused of smuggling forbidden literature and criticising the
regime in her talks with her classmates. She was hanged on the
10th of July 1984 in a Teheran prison. The hanging was done in
private andafter the execution was over, her body was stripped,
washed and delivered for dissection at medical school.

16 year old Atefeh Rajabi was hanged in public in the town of
NekaAtefeh. Atefeh was executed for “engaging in acts
incompatible with chastity.” At the place of execution in the
town’s square, the judge personally put the rope around the
girl’s neck and gave the signal to the crane operator to begin
her hanging. Witnesses reported that she begged for mercy
and had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the execution
truck. Judge Haji Rezaie said he was pleased to hang her and
is quoted as saying, "Society has to be kept safe from acts
against public morality." Her body was left dangling from the
crane for some time so people could see what happened to
teenagers who committed acts incompatible with chastity.

187 of these first Neda’s were under the age of 18, with 9
girls under the age of 13. The youngest girl executed was
just 10 years old. Thirty two of these women were reported to
have been pregnant at the time of their execution. Many of
those executed were high school and college students. Hanging
is the most common method of execution for women, although
some are shot. Men and women were hanged in large groups
in Tehran prisons from cranes and forklift trucks. Each crane
jib or forklift had a wooden or steel beam to which the noose
was attached and when the preparations were complete, the
prisoners were simply hoisted into the air.

Under Revolutionary law, young girls who were sentenced to
death could not be executed if they were still virgins.

Thus, they were "married off" to Revolutionary Guards and
prison officials in temporary marriages and then raped before
their execution, to prevent them going to heaven. The Mullahs
believed that these women were ungodly and did not deserve
paradise in the next life and that if they were deprived of their
virginity, it would ensure that they went to hell. Therefore, on
the night prior to execution, the condemned girl was injected
witha tranquilliser and then raped by her guard(s). After the
execution,the religious judge at the prison would write out a
marriage certificate and send it to the victim's family along with
a box of sweets.

The back cover is of 3 gays murdered by Iranian justice
according to the holy teachings of Islam.

This book exposes the evil of Islam and very grave
danger Islamic ideology poses to all freedom
loving peoples everywhere.

The issues raised by the recent revivalism of Islam are of
life and death to the democratic world. Islam is one of the
most serious threats freedom loving people have ever faced.
It is the greatest threat that western women have faced to their
hard won freedoms and legal protection of their basic rights.
Islam is one of the most diabolical ideologies ever created. You
must understand what Islam truly represents and participate
in the fight against this very evil ideology.

Ignorance is not an option.

Islam demands the surrender or conquest of all kafir
nations and extermination of their nonMuslim population.
This is the cold-hard reality for the hear-no-evil, see-no-evil,
do-nothing-about-evil naive kafirs. Iran’s present will be our
future if we do not stand against this evil. Only by declaring
that God is a God of Moral Perfection can this Islamization
disaster be prevented.


The Last Prophet Of God
An Unknown Kafir But Not Yet A Dhimmi of Islam

This is an historical book totally devoid of any political
correctness. The Western World is engaged in a life and
death struggle with Islam. Tonight, mankind faces
extinction as a species not only from global warming
but also from Islam. The Last Prophet of God has
destroyed Islam with just one word.

What you must fully understand in order to protect your
family and country against this very great evil living and
flourishing among us is that the Koran defines the kafir
as a subhuman who can be murdered, raped, robbed,
terrorized, or tortured. For Allah, these are holy, divine
acts deserving of Paradise filled with lustrous eyed, full
breasted virgins who regenerate as virgins after each sex
act with Muslim men sporting external erections. All
these Koranic teachings of extermination, murder, rape,
slavery, looting, terror, sex with little girls, the non
humanity of kafirs, sexual Paradise for Muslim killers


Kafirs are vile sub - human beings. They have zero

It is the prime directive of Islam to conquer the nations of
the world for Allah (the AntiGod) by whatever means
necessary. Allah (the AntiGod) seeks the extermination
of all kafirs. By refusing to convert to Islam, kafirs
have declared war against Islam, are a grave danger
to Allah and must be destroyed. A most important
concept that must be emphasized repeatedly is that
Islam is a declaration of war against kafirs. What
you must understand is that Islam is not anti Jewish
– it is anti kafir. The Jews are the most viled of
kafirs followed by Christians, Hindus, etc. The Koran
is not a holy book but a book of war. A book of
genocide. Allah is the AntiGod of war. Again, this
war is permanent until all kafirs either convert to Islam
or agree to pay a devastating jizya (submission tax)
and accept dhimmude status (see chapters 43 and 44)
or be murdered.

For Muslims, it is a holy religious duty to murder kafirs.
The Koran is written in the language of terrorism.
It is filled with numerous verses urging the Muslims to
terrorize the non Muslims, kill them, and take possession
of their lands and properties. The important points to
remember are that whatever Muhammad did to terrorize
the kafirs was actually the actions of God. Among the
many verses which exhort Islamist terrorism, the
following verses stand out as naked aggression of
Allah/Muhammad on the unbelievers: 2:63, 3:151, 8:12,
8:60, 8:59, 9:5, 9:29, 9:55, 11:102, and 17:59 etc. These
teachings are the eternal laws of Allah (the AntiGod)
authorization of murder and extermination as a holy duty.


Islam is not a wonderful religion of peace and love that
has been hi - jacked and perverted by a few bad apples
of evil Islamo - Fascists, Islamic militants, Islamic
Fundamentalists, jihadists, Wahhabism, radical Islam,
political Islam, Islamists etc. There has been no hijacking.
There has been no perversion. These demented souls are
following exactly the teachings Allah and the Koran and
in the divine footsteps of the Prophet – Muhammad as
described in the Hadiths.



Allah (of the Koran) was the fictional creation of
Muhammad who slaughtered, murdered, tortured,
terrorized, raped and enslaved kafirs. At the Massacre
of Banu Quraiza, Muhammad personally assisted in the
beheading of 600 to 900 Jewish men and in order to
distinguish young Jewish boys from young Jewish men
ordered their pants pulled down and groin area inspected
for pubic hairs by his SS known as – the Companions.
Those boys with the slightest growth of hair were dragged
away and beheaded. MUHAMMAD WAS THE FIRST


Allah is not God but the AntiGod of the Muslims.

The Koran is not a holy book but Mein Kampf.

Islam is totally bogus, a sham and a fraud


The Last Prophet has brought mankind a stark message directly
from God – proclaim the Declaration of A God of Moral Perfection
and Muslims abandon Islam or go to extinction as a species.
By embracing this message that only a God of Moral Perfection
is God can mankind save itself from extinction. The proclamation
of this Declaration will be an historical event that will change the
future of mankind. Indeed it will guarantee that there will be a
future for mankind.

In this book the Last Prophet demonstrates;

Why the slaughter of 2,973 on 9/11 meant no more to Muslims then
stepping on 2,973 ants?

Why a Muslim can never be President of the United States ever?

Why all black males will be castrated commencing the extermination
of the black race if Islam conquers the World?

Read The Treaty of Washington: Surrender of United States to Islam.
In God We Trust Will Be In Allah We Trust.

Why teaching children Islam is child abuse?

The Islamic Republic of The United States of America and Islamic
Republic of Europe. The nightmare of an Islamic takeover by Muslims
of the United States and Europe is described in vivid detail.

How Sharia Law will replace the US constitution becoming the
rule of law governing every aspect of every American’s life.

How stealth censorship is destroying freedom of speech.

Why only by declaring that God is a God of Moral Perfection can we
prevent this Islamization disaster of the West?

A revolutionary revolution in the conception of God.

If God exists then God is great. It is the so-called “men of God”
who are not great.

Why Islam is a total renunciation of God and worships Allah (AntiGod)
of the Muslims?

Why in Islam, all nonMuslims (kafirs) are vile subhumans with
absolutely no humanity? Muslims can murder kafirs, rape and enslave
their wives and daughters, loot their property. These are not crimes
but holy, divine, blessed acts guaranteeing accession to a Paradise filled
with big breasted, lustrous eyed virgins who regenerate as virgins after
each sex act with these Muslim killers sporting eternal erections.

Honor thy father or be murdered. Why honor killing is honorable
in Islam?

Why Barack Obama will not expose the evil of Islam, but instead
will make it mainstream and grant this evil ideology respectability?

Why Colin Powell is the ultimate dhimmi’sdhimmi?

Why Western Civilization is the greatest civilization in history?

Why rape jihad is being waged against kafir women across Europe?

Why the boys from Mumbai will soon be followed by the boys
from New York and the boys from London?

And much more.


CHAPTER 1: A God of Moral Perfection

If God Exists Then God Is Great. It Is the
So-called Men of God Who Are Not Great

A Revolutionary Revolution in the Conception of God: Declaration of
Universal Religious Rights and Freedoms of A God of Moral Perfection

CHAPTER 2: It’s All About Islam, Stupid Kafir

Your Democratic Obligation as a Kafir

Organization of Islam

The Truth of Islam

Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb: The House of Islam and The House of War

Sharia Law

CHAPTER 3: God of Moral Perfection versus Allah (the AntiGod)
of the Muslims

Requirements Necessary for the Koran to be the
Eternal Divine Word of God

Why the Koran Is Not the Word/Teachings of a God of Moral Perfection.

Broad Overview of the Immoral Koran

CHAPTER 4: Examination of the Immoral Teachings of the Koran

Verse 9:5 The Infamous Verse of the Sword

Verse 9:29 People of the Book

Verse 4:89 Of Apostasy

Verse 5:33 Of Barbaric Cruelty

Verse 8:12 Of Beheading

Verse 47:4 Instructions of War

Evil Demented Depraved Islamic Paradise as Laws of God

Verse 9:111 Muslims Passport to Paradise

Sex In Islam and Islamic Paradise

CHAPTER 5: Allah’s Teachings Celebrating the Massacre of the Jews
At BanuQurayza

BanuQuraiza; Brief Description of the Massacre in Islam’s Own Writings

Muhammad Besieges BanuQuraiza for 25 Days. After the Jews
Unconditionally Surrender All Men Are Beheaded, Women and Young
Girls Raped and Sold Into Slavery. Their Property Is Looted.

Merciful Muhammad Orders Trenches To Be Dug for the Beheaded Heads
to Fall Into and Control the Blood Flow

Big Problem: How Did the SS Jihadist Executioners Decide on Which
Jewish Boys to Slaughter or Leave Alive to be Sold into Slavery

Aisha Describes the Only Woman Murdered At BanuQurayzah:
She Was Delirious Because Her Husband Had Just Been Beheaded.
She Was Taken by the SS Jihadist and Beheaded, Putting Her Out of
Her Joyful Misery

Muhammad Took One of the Jewish Women as His Sex Slave.

The Looted Property and the Jewish Women and Children Were Divided
Among the Muslims

Allah Allows Muhammad and His Jihadists to Have Sex with Their
Sex Slaves

Muhammad Shows No Mercy

Muhammad Enriches Himself

Allah Shares In the Looting and Pillaging of Murdered Jews Property

Why Does Muhammad Not Show Mercy?

Allah (the AntiGod) Celebratesthe Massacre at BanuQurayza

Enjoy the Booty

CHAPTER 6: God’s Incitement to War

Jihad: Holy War: War In the Name of and to the
Greater Glory of God

164 Jihad: Unholy War Verses in the Koran

CHAPTER 7: Rape: A Holy Act Ordained by God as a Weapon of

Following are some of the immoral evil laws of Allah (the AntiGod) of
raping sex slaves. These laws are eternal and for all time.
Men can marry up to four women if they treat them equally;
unlimited forcible concubines permitted

Muhammad can go beyond the four-wife restriction, can treat his own
wives and sex slaves unequally.
This verse is for Muhammad. God allows Muhammad to own and
rape his slave girls.

CHAPTER 8: The Massacre at Khaybar

Muhammad Attacks the Rich Jewish Settlement of Khaybar Without
Warning. Muhammad Takes SafiyaAs His Sex Slave After Murdering
Her Father, Brothers, and Torturing and Murdering Her Husband
Distribution of War Booty InKhaybar.

Muhammad Has Safiya’s Husband Horribly Tortured to Try And
Force Him to Reveal Where He Hid the Gold Treasure of the People
ofKhaybar. He WasBeheaded After He Refused to Give Up the Treasure.

The Looted Property and Women and Children Were Distributed
among the Jihadists

Enjoying Special Booty (Gani-maater-maal): Muhammad Takes Safiya
as Booty to Be His Sex Slave.

Muhammad Attacks and Rapes Seventeen-Year-Old Safiya:
Muhammad Was Sixty.

CHAPTER 9: The Massacre at BanuMustaliq

Muhammad Attacks The Jewish Settlement of BaniMustaliq:
He Captures and Rapes a Twenty-Year-Old Jewish Girl, Juwairiya.

CHAPTER 10: Sex Slaves: Muhammad and Those His Right Hand

CHAPTER 11: Women Are Equal of Men: God Is Not A Sexist;
God Is Not a Male Chauvinist Pig

In Islam’s Own Writings: Allah and His Messenger’s
Extreme Hatred of Women

Muslim Women are Dirty Polluting Creatures

Women are inferior, slave to men

Muslim women are sex object for men's enjoyment

Muslim Men can Capture Infidel Women as Sex-slave Booty

A Woman’s Testimony is Worth Only Half of a Man’s
Brutal Punishment for Women
Fewer seats for women in Allah's Paradise
The Tyranny of Men over Women


Wife Swapping

Wives as slaves

Wife Beating

Muslim Women: Islam’s Domestic Animals

CHAPTER 12: Sexual Perversions of Prophet Muhammad
Necrophilia With His Dead Aunt
Sucking The Tongue of His Daughter and Cousin’s Sons

Muhammad Transvestite Tendencies

Breast Feeding Grown Men by Muslim Women and The Billy Goat

From Islam’s Unholy Book

CHAPTER 13: Allah Is a Pedophile Monster
Baby Tilths

CHAPTER 14: Muhammad: A Human Being of Perfection

Muhammad: The Perfect Husband and Family Man
Baby Aisha and Muhammad: A Love Story For The Ages Between
a 6-Year-Old Child and a 53-Year-Old Sexual Pervert. It will bring
Tears of Joy to Your Eyes and Heart: From The Holy Book Of Islam

Muhammad and Molestation of Baby Aisha (From the Writings of Islam)

Muhammad Would Sexually Abuse His Wives

The Prophet Would Do All His Wives In One Night

This Sickness of Islam and Raping Baby Girls Is An Evil Approved
By Allah(the AntiGod) for All Time

Why Koran 65:4 Is Not The Word/Teaching of God and Therefore the Entire

Koran Is Not the Words/Teachings Of God

CHAPTER 15: Cruelty, Torture

In Islam’s Own Writings: Muhammad, the Most Merciful Prophet
Torture: Hands must be cut off for theft

Muhammad Ordered Feet and Hands Cut Off and Eyes Burnt Out, and
Left To Suffer a Horrendous Death

Beat the children if they do not pray

Burnt alive for missing prayers

Homosexuals are to be killed

Apostates must be murdered

Alcoholics beaten

Stoning in Islam: Diabolical brutality

CHAPTER 16: Allah Is A Barbaric Barbarian

Why Koran 24:20 Is Not The Word/Teaching Of God And Therefore
The Entire Koran Is Not The Word/Teachings Of God And Therefore
Islam Is Fraudulent

CHAPTER 17: Owning Slaves is an Eternal Law of God

CHAPTER 18: The Koran Is a Book Filled with Hate

Hitler: The Final Solution of the Jewish Question and Muhammad:
The First, “Final Solution” of the Jewish Question of Saudi Arabia

Mein Kampf versus the Koran
Hitler and the Final Solution of the Jewish Question

Hitler’s Hatred of the Jews

Muhammad and the First, “Final Solution” of the Jewish Question
of Arabia

Muhammad’s Teachings of Pure Hate From the Hadiths. Kill All
The Jews: The First, “Final Solution”

Muhammad’s Teachings of Hate from the Koran

The Koran Celebrated the Massacre of the Jews of BanuQurayza

Anti-Jewish Hate Teachings in the Koran

Following, from the Koran Are Teachings Not of Pure Love But of
Pure Hate. Verses that show intolerance of and incite violence
against non - Muslims and other religions.

CHAPTER 19: Islam Devours It’s Young

CHAPTER 20: Honor Thy Father Or Be Murdered

What is honor killing?
Honor killing is different from other killings

Some sample cases of horrific honor killing

Honor killing is an ETERNAL Law of Allah (the AntiGod) in Islam
Dictums Of Koran and Hadiths Which Dictate/Incite Honor Killing

CHAPTER 21: Teaching Islam to Children Is Child Abuse
(Recapitulation of Kornic Teachings Quoted In This Book:
Why Teaching Them Is Child Abuse)

How Can Any School Teach An Ideology That Owning Slaves Is
An Eternal Law Of God?

How Can Any School Teach An Ideology That Raping Slaves Is
An Eternal Law Of God ?

How Can Any School Teach An Ideology That As Muslims
They Can Loot and Pillage the Property OfKafirs?

How Can Any School Teach An Ideology That Teaches Children
That Kafirs Must Convert to Islam or Pay A Jizya (Submission)
Tax or Be Murdered As Eternal Laws Of God?

How Can Any School Teach An Ideology That All Other Religions
Must Submit To Islam?

How Can Any School Teach An Ideology With An Evil Demented
Depraved Sexual Islamic Paradise?

How Can Any Western School System Allow the Teaching of
An Ideology Created By An Evil Incarnate Child Abuser, Wife
Abuser, Rapist and Murderer – Muhammad?

How Can Any School Teach An Ideology That Preaches the
Oppression and Submission of Women to Men?

How Can Any School Proclaim An Ideology That Teaches
Brutality as An Eternal Laws of God?

How Can Any School Teach An Ideology That Teaches Rape with
Young Female Muslim Children?

How Can Any School Teach An Ideology That Teaches Children
Hate and Intolerance Toward Jews, Christians and All Other Kafirs?

Any School System That Allows Teaching Islam Is Guilty of Child
Abuse and Charges Should Be Brought

CHAPTER 22: Islam Is To Be Superior Over All

Quoting From The Koran

CHAPTER 23: Obeying The Messenger Is Obeying Allah

The Criminality of Muhammad
27 bogus, fraudulent teachings of obeying Allah and his messenger

CHAPTER 24: Very Important Statistics Concerning Koran

Love versus Fear in the Koran: A Statistical Analysis

Muhammad Versus Allah: Statistical Analysis

Jihad: Statistical Analysis

Women In Islam: Statistical Analysis

CHAPTER 25: Absurd Teaching of the Koran – Verses That Allowed
Muhammad to Cancel the Adoption of His Adopted Son and
Marry His Adopted Son’s Wife

CHAPTER 26: Teachings Regarding Muhammad’s Wives
As Eternal Laws Of God: A Soap Opera

CHAPTER 27: Muhammad: A Human Being of Perfection

Muhammad’s Dead Poets Society
The assassinations of satirical poets in early Islam
The Evidence

1. March 624: Al-Nadr bin al-Harith
2. March 624: Uqba bin Abu Muayt
3. March 624: AsmabintMarwan
4. April 624: Abu Afak
5. September 624: Kab bin al-Ashraf
6. September (?) 624: IbnSunayna
7. July-August 625: A One-eyed Bedouin
8. After January 630: close call for Abdullah bin Sad
9. After January 630: One of Abdullah bin Katal’s two singing-girls
10. After February 630: close call for Kab bin Zuhayr
Defense and Challenges

Dark Inspiration from the Koran

Supplementary material

CHAPTER 28: Murdering Musicians, Singers In Islam

CHAPTER 29: The Ten Commandments Are Not the
Teaching of a God of Moral Perfection

CHAPTER 30: Jesus versus Muhammad

Islam Is A Very Great Sin And Blasphemy Against God and Jesus

Jesus the Revolutionary

Jesus Was a True Prophet of Peace and Love

Muhammad Was a True Prophet of Murder,Torture, Terror, Massacres

A Complete Rejection of Jesus

Muhammad and Jesus

He Really Despised the Jesus/Mary/God Trinity Relationship
and the Christian Worship of Them As Polytheism

CHAPTER 31: Western Civilization: The Greatest
Civilization in World History

CHAPTER 32: What Islam Isn’t

CHAPTER 33: Is It a Rational – Is It a Reasonable Human Thought

CHAPTER 34: Reform of Islam:

What Turkey Must Do Before Being Allowed to Join The EU:
The 36th Chapter

God’s incitement of war

CHAPTER 35: Europe’s Final, “Final Solution” of the Jewish and
Christian Question: Finishing the Mission of Muhammad and Hitler
Let’s Give A Red Card to the City of Cologne, Germany

How Stealth Censorship is Destroying Freedom of Speech

CHAPTER 36: The Boys from Mumbai: The Muslim Killers
of the Mumbai Massacre: Soon To Be Followed By the Boys
from New York City and the Boys from London

CHAPTER 37: Muhammad, the Prophet of Peace

CHAPTER 38: Islam, the Religion of Peace

Bloody Expansion of Islam: History of Jihad

CHAPTER 39: Blacks Calling Themselves Muslims
Should Be Ashamed

CHAPTER 40 Barack Hussein Obama: America’s First Muslim

CHAPTER 41: Why a Muslim Can Never Be President of
The United States, Ever

CHAPTER 42: Banality of Evil: Banality of Silence

CHAPTER 43: America and Europe’s Future: Dhimmihood

CHAPTER 44: Articles of Surrender: The Treaty of Washington

CHAPTER 45:Sharia Law Will Be the Rule Of Law

CHAPTER 46: Only A God of Moral Perfection Is God


SUPPLEMENTARY: Partial Listing of The 1000 Evil Teachings
That Must Be renounced, Denounced and Removed From Koran


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