October 09, 2009

Peace Is Kow-Towing to Islam

So the handsome bag of hot air in the White House got the Nobel Peace Price "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".

My first reaction was to think it's a political jest, a sort of brainteaser. But having finally gotten a grip, it doesn't seem all that surreal anymore, rather only too real. What did Obama actually do within the short time he is in office? Domestically, a lot of things to keep grievances and polarisation between the races alive and thriving, while peddling his (and his wife's) mawkish self-promotion, but that doesn't count all that much for the awarders. Externally, and that DOES count, a summary is equally easy. His first official interview was with a Muslim radio network, his entire demeanour towards the Muslim world is humble and conciliatory, stressing his own Muslim ties and hopes for a Palestinian state, an attitude he even maintains when asked if America could “live with” Iranian nuclear weapons. (A recipe for peace if I have ever seen one.) His term in office took off with a Mideast peace push that included an unequivocal demand for Israel to halt settlement activity in the West Bank, and we all know how well that "land for peace"-thingy has worked so far for Israel, don't we. But to be fair, he isn't all THAT much more hostile towards Israel or the Jews in the Middle East than American officials have been, historically, anyway.

His job, he said, is "to communicate [to the Muslim world] that the Americans are not your enemy”, which is not easily to bring in line with another "job", namely the protection of his country from further Muslim aggression, and yes, when we equate "peace" with that of the graveyard, the awarders of the Nobel Peace Price are not all THAT far off the mark.

But let's stop the cynicisms. Dear Americans, didn't he swear to protect you and your country? And does anybody remember the botched oath? Does anybody see a connection here? Does anybody remember, too, that he grew up as a Muslim and that this "religion" punishes apostasy by death, yet that he is, of all notable apostates, the only one still alive and not under massive death threats? Does anybody remember his butt high in the air, bowing to the Saudi king like a waiter, this leader of the free world? Does anybody ever seriously ask him why? Or where the money for his campaign came from? Too many questions only too many people never ask.

WHY don't you ever seriously ask all that, Americans? Now you will go on bellyaching that a leftist liberal pinko commie, a charismatic seducing his followers in either Stalinist or Nazi spirit (depending on the bogeyman pf choice) and anti-white racist is now at the receiving end of the Nobel Peace Price while the Muslim world will do ... WHAT?

The good side? Easy! There have been worse choices:


Terry Morris said...

Well, hell, had we not been distracted by the alien-in-chief's pervasive assaults on the constitution, we could have seen this one coming from a mile off, no?

draM said...

Maybe it's worth to mention that the deadline for nomination was FEBRUARY 1st, 2009 - what did he from January 20 to February 1st to deserve it? No wonder Nobel Prize Committee will keep secret WHO nominated him 50 years from now. I think the truth is here:

Anonymous said...


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Googleguru said...

Dear Editrix your forked venomous tongue is so obviously anti-Islam it stinks from a mile off.Did u not know its fashionable to be unislamic?So typically American!!Oh!SO SORRY,i forget u r sooo busy spewing the green stuff where would u find the time to learn that 9/11 was no different from Pearl Harbor or that Lusitania was an inside job,all were staged by USA to persuade the Yankees to join the wars.Pls.read The Protocols of The Zionist elders and on and on and on.AWAKE, ARISE MADAM.

The_Editrix said...

I am not American, you moron. And if you wish me to publish another one of your comments: See that you spell it correctly, e.g. "you" and not "u", "are" and not "r". If you don't have time for that, I have no time to read it.