November 08, 2009

No Jihadist Is A "Single Perpetrator"

There is a palpable relief in the media that the Fort Hood shooting is "not an act of terrorism" and the murderer "not a terrorist". Yes, maybe -- just maybe -- Islam had something to do with it, mainly in that the man was "mobbed because of his faith", but whatever, it is an "isolated case", the deed of an "individual acting on his own", a "lone perpetrator".

I specifically liked the reaction of American Muslims:
The news that the suspect is one of their own brings up familiar feelings.
Well yes. I wonder why that is so.
Besides fears of retribution, they're tired of sensing pressure to apologize for someone else's 'maniacal brutality.'
So it was just the individual action of somebody with whom they have nothing to do, besides, terms like responsibility or shame (in the way we understand it in the West) are not known to be near or dear to a Muslim's heart. Apart from fearing (baselessly) for their sorry asses, they can't be bothered.

While it is funny (more peculiar than haha) to hear Muslims talk about individuality, they are, in a way, right. Indeed, bringing Islam forward ("jihad") is the only way that allows for individuality for a Muslim, although killing infidels is still the method of choice for that.

When will people BEGIN to understand that jihad IS terrorism.

And now do me a favour and try the same searches with the term "baruch goldstein" instead of "fort hood".

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