November 09, 2009

Obama's Choices

Today they celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the following text is all over the Internet:
President Obama squeezed in a trip to Copenhagen last month to lobby, unsuccessfully, for Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. He plans to travel to Oslo next month to accept the Nobel Peace Prize, an award that even Obama has said he does not deserve. And this coming week, he sets out on a weeklong tour of Asia.

But the president does not plan to travel to Germany to attend the 20th anniversary celebration Monday of the fall of the Berlin Wall, drawing heated criticism from those who say he's ignoring a shining triumph of American-inspired democracy.
Well yes, he does. Is there any reason to be amazed? Given two alternative choices, this president will always opt for the one that is (more) detrimental to America. Besides, this isn't about HIM HIM HIM and that alone is reason enough for He-Who-Walks-On-Water not to be bothered. At least Sarkozy, despicable little attention whore he is, goes out of his way to lie about his attendance 20 years ago.

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beakerkin said...

There is a bit more to this

In America we never really had much exposure to Communism. For us it allowed a group of far left Marxists to peddle the myth of dreamers without the deadly reality. You can see it in the movie The Front. The fact that Communism itself was a killer death cult was never discussed.

Obama's mother was a University style radical. Obama is very sympathetic to this crowd at minimum. He does not see the Fall of the Wall like the rest of us