December 17, 2009

What makes Mawloud Bahr tick?

I haven't blogged for a while for no other reason that I was fed up with the perceived futilily of my blogging efforts, a not entirely new sentiment. But there is always a reason to get over that. What is it this time? I'm afraid I've got to go back and into greater detail to explain:

2009, a new political movement in Germany made moderate headlines. The "Bonner Bündnis für Frieden und Fairness" (Alliance for Peace and Fairness in Bonn) was founded in summer to win in autumn two seats on the city council of Bonn, one for Haluk Yildiz, the BFF president, one for Hülya Dogan, a headscarf-wearing woman. The "Alliance" was represented exclusively by "people with migration background", the politically correct euphemism for Muslims. The dhimmified MSM were absolutely drooling over it, and any campaigning of competing parties (including Pro NRW) was heavily weighed down by BFF's protection because of the German incitement of the people (sedition) legislation.

Hülya Dogan

My friend Gudrun Eussner, who has contributed so much to this blog, had published back then a matter-of-fact article about BFF at her website, including the roster of candidates. I have done so before, but let me say again here, that Gudrun's website contains a wealth of articles, extremely well-written and meticulously researched on many political and cultural issues, including, but not limited to, the threat of Islam to the West. Dr. Gudrun Eussner, now retired, is a political scientist who used to work for international organisations in the Middle East.

Some days ago she got, as a belated reaction to the BFF-article, an email from some Mawloud Bahr, which I have in parts translated. Dear reader, my English hasn't deteriorated, I am just trying to give my translation a whiff of the German I am translating:
We [the author and a friend] are two freedom- and democracy-loving people who are living since childhood here in Germany. I don't have any problem with the fact that you are publicly stating your opinion. ... We are long-standing friends and were enthusiastic about that idea [of a Muslim party] but have, disappointed, retired because of some situations that are predominant there.

We don't have anything to do with that party anymore. Our names aren't on the BFF roster as well anymore as you can see online. But even if I were still with this party I would have massive problems because people like you are publishing reputation-damaging slander abour persons like us two and thus make that we won't find a job anymore, because the bosses are reading at Google about our bad reputation because of you. I can't be bothered having to live at the expense of the German taxpayer from social security because of you.
I would therefore welcome your just step to delete us:
1. Mawloud Bahr
2. Rachide Chamlali
from your website so that we won't appear in the Google search results anymore.
Because we have left the BFF-party we are not public persons like politicians anymore with legally limited privacy but again privare persons. Therefore we reserve our right to file a civil lawsuit against you in the case of a non-deletion from your site because of damage of reputation, slander and compensation for damages because of a non-conclusion of a work contract based on the first two reasons mentioned.
I am sure that we do not have to go so far as to file a lawsuit against you. I have looked into your site in some detail and don't believe that you wish that, apart from the consequences mentioned above, your website will have to be closed down.

Sincerely yours,

Mawloud Bahr
Rachide Chamlali
Gudrun Eussner has, rightfully, not responded to this Stalinist strategy to correct history, and didn't delete the names. Instead, she published the email because she considered it a legitimate counter statement, which was kind of her. Bad luck for the two complainees, though, that some blogs picked it up, for example PI, the German giant of Islam-critique, published it, and gave it a different twist. This blog asks, notabene, the extremely interesting question, whether there isn't a motive quite different from job-hunting behind the wish not to find one's name at Google.

We are proud and happy to join the fray.

What I find most interesting about the entire matter is the fact that the good Mawloud Bahr had had, when he contacted Gudrun Eussner, already almost succeeded to have his name deleted from Google. In fact, Gudrun Eussner's was the only website of importance left. Go figure!

Now it isn't anymore, toughsky shitsky, as the Russian saying goes!

One can't help wondering why a man who claims to has left a Muslim party, engages in exactly the same behaviour we know from the followers of the religion of peace when they don't get their way: whining, complaints, veiled threats, open threats, and all in that order. But then, he didn't specify WHY exactly he was disenchanted with the BFF. Is it possible that they weren't Islamic ENOUGH for him?

Frankly, all this annoys me, as a German, as well. Here we have a man who got a fairly good education as a computer technician (so the BFF roster says) mainly at the expense of the German taxpayer, a man who was either unable or unwilling to acquire halfway decent German language skills, a man who then blames not himself for having foolishly joined a shady political movement, but somebody who has reported about that movement and for his resulting (potential, possible or real) failure to find a job, and on top of all that he has the gall to say that he -- so sorry -- will therefore have to live at the German taxpayer's expense now.

Anyway, if our friend Mawloud Bahr (this one is for the search engines!) indeed HAD an ulterior motive to see his name gone from Google, this shot has backfired and that pleases me no end.

Today, Gudrun has added the information to her article that Mawloud Bahr and Rachide Chamlali both run for the BFF in the election back in October and got votes.

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