February 16, 2010

Islam is Peace and Mercy

Last year in Afgoye, Somalia:

Those pictures have been taken by the photographer Farah Abdi Warsameh and were awarded the World Press Photo Award 2010 (2nd Prize in the General News category).

The Swiss magazine Blick prints three of the four pictures and asks him about his "experience". A group named "Hizb Al-Islam" invited him to the scene without telling him what would happen. "All the blood, the cries, my own helplessness - all those impressions are deeply ingrained in my brain. I will never forget them." Abdi Warsameh hopes to inform about what is going on in his country -- a truly courageous thing to do. Will people be interested? I doubt it. Basically, this is not new.

Notabene that in the comment section of the Blick article America is compared to, or rather equated with, Somalia. Clearly, Europeans deserve what they are getting.

At the World Press Photo website all four pictures can be viewed in high resolution, which I recommend specifically for those who think that "some Sharia" in the West wouldn't be all bad.

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Universal Realist said...

You know I hear about this stuff but you really don’t get it until you see it.

Some people prefer not to see this or to know about this. Many don’t like it when truth about life is ugly and horrific.

Some complain about America with it allowing water boarding of terrorist, which I have mix feeling on torture. Or we are criticized because we have several States in America that has the Death Penalty for violent offenders that have been tried and convicted and while they sit on death row for several years they file appeals to either get a new trial or a hearing to reduce their sentence to life and sometime they get it. They say these things shouldn’t happen because we’re a civilized country but give a pass to these other counties.

We get criticized and yet those who use some of the most horrific punishments and tortures as well as have kangaroo courts are patronized like little children who don’t know any better. Yea I know their typically tribal people uneducated but this is the 21st century the world is a lot smaller.

Some people today like to bring up the horrific things Christians did back in the Middle Ages as if it still goes on today, but turn a blind eye to these acts. I don't get it.