February 16, 2010

So much about "Post-Racialism"

This is priceless: Jared Taylor, the man behind AR, debating a black man and a Latina on Obama's racial importance.

I mean... do the producers of such broadcasts INTEND to make non-white opinion makers appear as dumb as possible? To answer my own question: No, I don't think so. At least, not consciously so. However, no intelligent person would defend Obama and had they chosen a white Obama apologist he would have come across JUST AS dumb and everybody would have complained that it's an all white and thus not sufficiently "balanced" panel.

Had they chosen an intelligent, conservative black instead of Jared Taylor, everybody and his pet ferret would have complained that it's an "all black" panel.

Had they chosen one intelligent black Obama critic and two dumb white Obama apologists, there would have been complaints about "a-typical" opinons.

Now, with one intelligent white man critical of Obama shouted down by an embarassingly dumb Latina and a barely literate black man, everybody seems to be happy, because that's what seems to be an acceptable version of "reality" for most people.

Ain't it sad?

Hat tip: VFR!

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Universal Realist said...

I can’t comment on the video you posted due to the fact my computer is being temperamental.

But from what I got from your post is that I have to agree it’s sad. But it’s also entertainment. Most people don’t what to listen to a real discussion and debate especially in America.

Now some shows can only get who is available at the time. But it doesn’t mean they’re going to get the best at intelligent debaters and for some show that’s what they want. I do think on topics like this they like to have a mixed race and gender panel.

It seems in America we have a lot of people who tend to be sheep. They don’t seem to be able to think for themselves. They like to use talking point provided by others. They truly believe in what they say, even though they can’t back it up with facts. They are close-minded and refuse to be wrong no matter how much fact you can provide.