February 26, 2010

A "Thank You" to My Readers


Currently, this blog ranks as number 6448 with an authority of 459.

It's nice to know, but it clearly doesn't correspond with its comparatively modest visitor count.

I just checked and this blog was listed as number 12708 at Technorati with an "authority" of 411. Technorati has some time ago re-organised its rating system and is now (deliberately?) vague about it. In the past, it used to be based on links only.

Now is that rank good or bad? Only comparing it with other blogs will answer that:
Number 1 of ALL Technorati-listed blogs is HuffPo with an authority of 966.

The highest ranking blog which can be, by the loosest of standards, be described as conservative, is listed as number 7, The Corner on National Review, with an authority of 860.

A popular, maybe THE most popular Islam-critical blog is Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch with a rank of 174 and an authority of 719.

The blog Gates of Vienna, one among the vanguard of Islam-critique in the Internet, can boast a rank of 476 and an authority of 655.

The English version of the German blog Politically Incorrect, for which I write by the way, ranks at number 2218 with an authority of 540. Politically Incorrect is the most-read one of ALL blogs (not just the political ones) in Germany to the disgust of the Dhimmi-brigade. No doubt the sheer number of readers of the mother-blog helps in this case.

The perhaps most serious and consistent Islam critic is Andrew Bostom. His blog ranks as number 3190 and its authority is 513.

To my intense delight I found that one of my personal favourites, Catholic Church Conservation, is number 5088 with an autority of 475, a fact of which Chris Gillibrand can be justifiedly proud. CCC is a true one-man-effort.

This blog has, as already stated above, a rank of 12708, which is based on an authority of 411. In the light of the above, I think I can be proud as well and consider this one-woman-effort a success. What additional shortcomings I may have, at least one obstacle for further success is the fact that Germany is a non-topic for most Americans and, different from France, the country they hate to hate. At one point, that almost let me give over blogging (at least for an Anglophone readership) entirely.

This is a true surprise: The excellent blog of the libertarian write Ilana Mercer Barely A Blog ranks as number 21646 with an autority of 131. It is always worth a look, even if one doesn't share the libertarian world view.
Of course, these rankings are only snapshots in time and a bout of blogging frustration coupled with the usual abstinence could take a blog like this one down and into obscurity quicker than one can say "authority".

Even though Technorati's ranking criteria may not be based on links alone anymore, I think it is patently obvious that the rank of a blog must be still closely related to it. I put the incredibly low Technorati rank of Ilana Mercers blog down to the fact, that she is probably read by those who aren't bloggers themselves and won't thus link to their favourite articles. That may be the explanation for my amazingly high rank as well, because I have very few comments. I guess most of my lurking readers are bloggers who link to me. It ought to be mentioned either, that some popular blogs, for reasons that escape me, are not listed at Technorati at all.

But whatever, even such a little success keeps one going.