March 03, 2010

You Go Geert!

Today, elections for the town- and city councils are held in Holland.

The politically correct hyaenae are all in a flutter.

This is the result of a Google News search for "Wilders Rechtspopulist". Rechtspopulist can be translated as "right wing populist", but I have a hunch that the latter has in English more the ring of "popular", "common touch" or "grassroots". In German, it's exclusively used to describe a demagogue.

Which is, of course, fatuous, because a demagogue tells people what they WANT TO hear, whereas Wilders tells people what they DO NOT want to hear.

You will recognise some terms, I think. "Rechts" is the ever-recurring "right wing". Germans won't recognise a liberal because they don't understand the concept. They long to be anally penetrated by totalitarism, and, after Nazism and Communism, Islam is just the option. 20 years of a totalitarism-free Germany is more than enough! In that spirit the term "Islamhasser" ought to be seen, which means, not too surprisingly, "Islam hater", and that is about the worst thing one can call a politician here.

Which tells, of course, nothing about Wilders but all about the German mainstream.

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