February 25, 2010

Three basic facts about Islam every Westerner ought to know...

... but only too few WANT to know.

Interesting discussion at Beak's blog. The Pagan Temple (here is his blog) says:
It [radicalism] doesn't ever burn out completely. It just dies down for a while, and after a period of smoldering, it flares up again, eventually. Maybe one of these days Islam will go through this reformation period I've been seeing people suggest. I hope so. The way things stand now, the religion as a whole is a breeding ground for fanaticism. Very few redeeming qualities to it, in relative terms, compared to the capacity for intolerance and hate that are etched across so many of its Korans pages. Until it is brought into the civilized world, it will remain a savage anachronism. Unfortunately, the only thing that is going to bring about any kind of systemic change is hardship, tragedy, and failure. Understanding, tolerance, and acceptance ain't going to cut it with them, because far too many of them, including even among the ones who are not terrorist, nor for that matter even violent, see such things as signs of weakness.
My reply:
TPT, very thoughtful words! I once believed if not in a reformation of Islam (I never gave it a thought) but in assimilation of Muslims. How naive I was. The danger is not just Islam as we perceive it now, the danger is that any nice, assimilated Muslim living in the West is a potential time bomb. The re-Islamisation as well of countries (Turkey is a more recent example, Iran another one) as of individuals is frightening. There are countless examples in your country where formerly peacefull, assimilated Muslims suddenly "freak out" and commit murder. And I do not believe they are deliberately planted "sleepers", I think they are just behaving to Islam's intrinsic quality.

You (plural as in "you Americans") are still pretty relaxed about it because the number of Muslims in your country is, yet and just, relatively small. Estimates range from 2.5 million to 7 million, which includes (I presume) "Black Muslims". To get a feeling what is going on here in Europe, you'd need at least a (Middle Eastern and Turkish) Muslim population of 15 to 20 million. Think Dearborn, Michigan, but applied to several important large regions of your country.

The problem is that it is the very core of the Free West that lets them become the threat they are. Here I discuss the facts that only a certain small percentage of Muslims is tolerable before they start to damage their host society and that a secular totalitarian system will keep them at bay. That is not a plea for a secular totalitarian system, but a plea for self protection of the, yet and just, Free West.
The three basic facts about Islam every Westerner who cherishes his freedom and liberties ought to know are:
  • There is a decisive limit for the size of a Muslim minority in Western societies that is tolerable before it will start to damage the host society. It seems to be not higher than 3%.
  • Everything once owned by Muslims, however briefly and however long ago, is considered Muslim property. That applies to territory as well as to a person's mind.
  • Taqqiya is an intrinsic part of Islam. Taqqiya allows Muslims to say whatever furthers the cause of Islam, lies, deception, the breach of treaties are seen as the first line of attack in jihad.
Never (but NEVER!) forget that when dealing with Muslims. Everything else is a self-deceptive lie. Here in Germany with about 4 million Muslims, i.e. 5% of the population, the line between taqqiya and open demands for supremacy has already become blurred, as it has in the UK, where the vast majority live in England and Wales: of 1,591,000 Muslims recorded at the 2001 Census form 3% of the population there. Otherwise notoriously up-to-date Wikipedia offers no more recent data. You may extrapolate.

Some examples from this blog here and here and here and here and here and here and here, and here, and here dating from 2006 to 2009.


trencherbone said...

Just about everything you need to know about Islam - The Islam Subject Index.

Alligator said...

Good post Editrix. I commented on the same thread in Beak's Blog. I ever try to be the optimist but I don't really see an Islamic "reformation".

For just one of many potential examples in the foundations of Judaism and Christianity you have this command, "Love your neighbor as yourself" Leviticus 19:8. In Luke 10, Jesus expounds on this tenet to include people outside your "group" ie. the Samaritans, who were despised by the Jews. Granted it can be tough to "love your neighbor" but if you are sincere in your faith, that command will smack you in the face when you get out of line with people. It does me anyway. In other words, "tolerance" (the real definition) is a foundation of Judeo-Christian thought.

In contrast let's look at a fundamental teaching from the Koran "O believers, take not Jews and Christians as friends; they are friends of each other. Those of you who make them his friends is one of them. God does not guide an unjust people." Sura 5:54

Any "moderate" Muslim who is sincere in their faith will potentially become conflicted by such commands. In other words, intolerance is a foundation of Islamic thought.

The_Editrix said...

Trencherbone: Thank you, excellent information! I'll blogroll you.

'gator: I couldn't agree more. Understanding the Koran has even made me, a sloppy Christian, understand my own faith better. Of course, most of us can only read it in translation, but there are always orientalists (I think you call them scholars of Islamic studies) whose integrity one can trust. It just needs some research and studying. My specialist field of research at university was the history of industrialisation, but even though that is far removed from Islam and its impact, the training I had helps a lot. But if all is said and done, it's not Islam, it's our own cowardice in the West that is the problem.

Case in point Germany: If we'd stop immigration from Muslim countries totally and at once, send all non-citizens with a criminal record or who are on the dole back to their home countries together with their families, stop for those who have German citizenship those suicidal "family reunification" programs and the practice of "import brides", then we'd done an important first step.

The next step would be to closely scrutinize those who have a German passport and hold a public office regarding their loyalties. The office for the protection of the constitution would then be for once not totally useless. If you care to click through the links I provide in this blog entry, you'll be stunned.

Anonymous said...

It's already starting to happen in the US. If not in theory, in practice, Muslims are now exempt from the death penalty:

Muslims Exempt from Death Penalty in U.S., by Robert Spencer:

The_Editrix said...

Thank you, Bruce! That merits its own entry!

Alligator said...

Have you seen that Ghaddafi has called for Jihad against Switzerland? Peaceful, tolerant Islam.