April 14, 2010

Integration Class

Somewhat emblematic:
Man stabbed to death during integration class

Monday 12 April 2010

A 46-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker was stabbed to death by a fellow student at during an integration class at a school in Goor, in Twente, on Monday morning.

According to eye witnesses, a 23-year-old Somali man attacked the Iraqi with a knife, after shouting 'you killed my family' at him, the Telegraaf reported.

The incident took place at an ROC school where many adults attend courses.

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Of course, not anything like this will damage the image of the Netherlands as a country that loved to think of itself as a haven of tolerance. The popularity of Geert Wilders does.

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bruce-church said...

Off-topic, but it does deal with Germany and the US:

German newspapers give Merkel a hard time about connecting with foreign leaders, not positioning Germany as a "middling" world power, and not getting other countries to cut down on CO2 emissions. But the deck is stacked against Merkel because now she's seen as pushing junk science (GW), and Germany has long been one of the three trade surplus "offenders" along with Japan and China, who sell a lot overseas, but barely buy anything from foreign countries. The buyer always gets more respect from the seller, not the other way around. Spiegel's English section doesn't mention these two facts:


China’s March merchandise trade deficit—the first since 2004—made headlines this week. China had been running a trade surplus of as much as $30-40bn per month at the end of 2008. But following the peak around the turn of 2009, the trade position deteriorated swiftly as the global recession took hold. This experience was typical of most “surplus” countries, including Japan and Germany, which also saw their trade surpluses erode during the downturn in the global economy.