April 10, 2010

See Max Weber Tossing and Turning in His Grave

The monopoly on violence is part of the definition of the state, which was performed by Max Weber, the "father" of what we call sociology now, in his speech Politics as a Vocation. It states that only a single entity, the state, must be exercising authority by physical force (violence) over a defined territory. Territory (as well as a people) is also part of Weber's definition of a state. Notabene that this monopoly must occur by means of a process of legitimation. Police and the military are the main tools for law enforcement of such a legitimate state, however, private force (private security) can be legitimately used as well, if it can claim legitimacy derived from the state.

Today, in an interview with the daily WELT, the new head of the staff union of the German police, Rainer Wendt, says that he thinks that this monopoly on the use of physical force has become, in some "migrants' quarters" of the Republic, void. He specifically mentions parts of the cities of Berlin, Duisburg, Essen and Cologne.

Here's a crucial excerpt:
Wendt: There are parts of the cities of Berlin, Duisburg, Essen and Cologne, where police doesn't dare to tread anymore. If an officer makes a check on a driver who was caught speeding there, 40, to 70 friends will come to the scene in no time. And if the officer is harrassed by such a crowd, the rule of law has to capitulate and withdraw.

WELT ONLINE: And your explanation for that is a lack of respect for the power of the state?

Wendt: Isn't that apparent? The perpetrators don't accept the German legal systen and its representatives. By the way, it is well known that such blitz mobilisations are mostly performed by young men with a Turkish or Arab background. In such quarters, the monopoly on the use of physical force of the state is shaken. Officers experience something similar when they come to the scene of a punchfest between people of Turkish- or Arab descent. They will be pushed away again and again and be told: "That is an internal matter, get lost!" or "Shove off, we'll ask our hodja to manage that, not you".
So, notabene, the rule of law HAS TO capitulate and withdraw. The German state let in masses of immingrants from a different culture, didn't ask them to assimilate and now refuses -- the rule of law, after all, HAS TO capitulate and withdraw -- to protect its citizens.

By the way, maybe four or five years ago I made a relevant experience. To put it briefly: Illegally occupied garage, set the squatter (Arab, fluent in German as a native) a time limit to vacate, gave notice of the use of police force. What happened? Squatter ignored notice, police came (a car with three male officers and a female one), police reacted hostile towards the lawful submitters ("Dont make such a fuss because of a little bit of trespassing.") with about half a dozen of grinning Arabs watching. Oh yes! That was in the city of Essen.

Here are a couple of pictures from the interview:

Original caption: Thousands of people are rallying in Duisburg against xenophobia in front of the Mosque in the suburb of Marxloh. They intend to show their dislike of the rallies of Pro NRW and NPD, who are protesting angainst the alleged Islamisation of Germany.
And that they do in green. Read Shameless Cologne and Rent-A-Nazi.

"We [whoever that is!] are Duisburg." Members of the trade union ver.di and others rallying for Islam. The "young men with a Turkish or Arab background" have any reason to feel entitled.

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