May 15, 2009


Since the Gleiwitz incident, Germans know the importance of the media. Politically Incorrect really seems to be on to something, so here it goes:

The Pro-Köln rally had been attended by two, seemingly ubiquitous, archetypical neo-Nazis, one small and one large, who had conspiciously caught the interest of the media. WDR-cameraman Oliver Köhler had filmed at the railwaystation from which they (notabene!) departed already and several times more for his report all through the event. (Here it is, sadly in German only, and it seems that the comments have been removed.) What is rather funny is, that the report sneeringly refers to Pro-Köln as a "self-appointed citizens' movement". Yeah right! A true, genuine, credible German "citizens' movement" has to be appointed by the state! So what else is new? That little statement says more about Germany than an entire library full of history books could. Notabene, too, that the bigger one of those two clowns is wearing a T-shirt with an imprint on the back (oh-so-subtly in Gothic type print) saying "Your gallows are already being built". During the national anthem he and his buddy acted, as PI put it correctly, "provocatively pompous". (Yes I know, what they did it is not considered "provocatively pompous" in America, but believe me, it is here.) And when the counter-protesters started to riot, they immediately joined the fray to provoke them even more.

It seems as if the entire media had been focusing on those two guys, and when I picked the pictures for my brief report of the rally, which was mainly an account of the partly moronic, partly violent, counter-rally, I somewhat "naturally" picked a picture of the fat one as a picture of a pro-Pro-Köln attendee, because it seemed to be the only one that was there, respectively the only one that was quickly available (second picture from the bottom). I do see now that it gives an entirely warped meaning to what I was trying to convey.

But the story doesn't end here. When the police was asked by a Pro-Köln official to remove the two punks, they refused, stating only the chairman of the event could do that. And that was where Manfed Rouhs made a mistake. He did exactly that and lo and behold, the press corps HAD their picture of "Manfred Rouhs and a rightwinger", offensive T-shirt-imprint and all. Can it get any more obvious than that?

The man was then asked to cover his T-shirt with a jacket.

So far, nobody knows who those two men are and that, when virtually every neo-Nazi in Germany is under heavy observation and the relevant organisations as heavily infiltrated by the inland security. In fact, most offices of that valiant organisation would have to be closed down, were the NPD ever to be banned. Yet nobody seems to recognize them.

Comment 116 of the PI-entry delivers some credible information, including a link to Indymedia, indicating that the counter-protesters were less than pleased with the police's cooperation, a cooperation, mind you, allegedly arranged before the event. As an aside: The anti-opression freethinkers at Indy are referring as well to Pro-Köln as a "self-appointed citizens' movement", proving thus once again that they are just the totalitarian scum as which they hate to appear.

Kudos to Pro-Köln who have at least achieved one thing: To unmask the Cologne "democratic" institutions as what they are.

Pictures from the PI-entry.

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