May 14, 2009

The Selective View of Who Makes a Victim

Not quite two years ago we reported the case of Ermyas Mulugeta, a "Germano-Ethiopian" (as the politically correct definition goes) who had come to grief in Potsdam, the capital of the state of Brandenburg, on Easter night. The two suspected "right wing extremists", who had been arrested as perpetrators on the strength of their appearance and because they had been there, were helicoptered manacled and blindfolded about 600km to the federal prosecutor at Karlsruhe, all self-righteous whining about "Guantanamo" momentarily forgotten.

All of Germany was in an orgiastic frenzy of "fight the right" Gutmenschentum, the sale of candles and flowers soared.

It then turned out that the suspected perpetrators were no "right-wing extremists" and that they weren't even the perpetrators. In fact, there hadn't been any perpetrators. It turned out, too, that Ermyas Mulugeta, pissed as a newt, had started a brawl and acquired his severe head injuries by falling and hitting the pavement.

An old German joke goes like this: "When I saw you coming, I thought it was you, then I thought it was your brother, and now you are close, I see it's neither you nor your brother."

Sadly, this is no joke.

Did the entire sordid affair teach anybody anything? Apparently not. Since then, a 15-year old boy has been expelled from his school on the strength of a hairdo that LOOKED "rightwing" and other coloured victims of violence did not become darlings of a depraved and rotten-to-the-core media, because in their cases the perpetrators had been youths "with a migration background".

No, the case of Ermyas Mulugeta did NOT teach a lesson indeed. Recently, the local court in Potsdam convicted him of defraud and imposed a fine of some hundred Euro on him. He had lied about his financial circumstances to get legal aid. To pay for the legal charges and to help Mulugeta to get over his traumatic experience, the organisation "Brandenburg Against The Right" (Brandenburg gegen Rechts) had collected about 50,000 Euro. And in an, otherwise amazingly subdued, media, the man from Ethiopia is still described as a "victim of violence".


Alligator said...

Victimology is good business. Organizations make money and gain political power from this type of nonsense. Politicians can score points with their constituents for standing strong against "hate crimes." The press is either too lazy to dig and find the truth or are more often part of the ideology perpetuating the art of victimhood. In the meantime, real victims of real crimes get lost as society and the justice system focus more and more on "crimes" that are politically motivated.

So who decides what constitutes "right wing" fashion and appearance? I guess the open-minded, tolerant left can. They could prescribe that we all wear gray, unisex pajamas so we don't send the wrong message to immigrants and minorities and assorted secular humanists. Red China did it for decades, why not try it in the West now?

What is the prescribed fashion and appearance for leftists? No makeup? Long stringy hair? Faux Indian feathers and headbands? Evidently yes, but I've also met Marxists who wear fancy three piece suits and drive rather expensive cars.

Maybe we should look at ACTIONS rather then outward appearance when determining if a crime took place. Maybe there should be a thorough investigation before someone is spirited away in the dead of night solely based on their appearance. Hey, didn't that kind of stuff happen in Germany between 1934 and 1945? The left is becoming the very thing they fear and despise most.

Moshea bat Abraham said...

If you don't read Unqualified Reservations, you really need to. He's right up your alley. And mine.

The_Editrix said...

Thanks Moshea, great tip! You are right, I like that guy.

The_Editrix said...

"Hey, didn't that kind of stuff happen in Germany between 1934 and 1945? The left is becoming the very thing they fear and despise most."

Let me take that up and twist the spin a little bit, 'gator. The left is becoming the very thing they SAY they fear and despise most. The fight between left and right pre-1933 had been, not exclusively, but in large parts, a power struggle. Ask them. When totalitarianism rises its ugly head it always takes up the current Zeitgeist for its own ends.