May 13, 2009

A Fission Fungus' Account from Cologne...

Or: Nazis don't go where they are not welcome

UPDATE Wednesday, May 13:

PI is backpedalling. In an entry headed "The Congress - An Alternative Review", they offer a more nuanced account of the events at Cologne. And before I get a dressing-down from a great height by the mighty Baron Bodissey or some other frightfully important Internet-opinion-maker, I better say that I am not privy to all the private correspondence that is bound to have passed back and forth before this entry was published and that my advice to myself is not to jump to conclusions and just translate some brief excerpts from it.
This is about some invited speakers and their statement, that said a lot about Überfremdung and little of criticism of Islam. [We thematized that phenomenon here.]

About Petra Edelmannova, chairman of Narodni Strana ([Czech] National Party) which clocked up a whopping 0.17% at the last elections, who talked in her speech a lot about democracy and sacred duty to resist, we learn that she intends to push for a „final solution in the gipsy question“.

... Apart from that [so Edelmannova] there wasn't any genocide and the 326 victims [at a certain camp], mostly children, were responsible for their own death because of lack of hygiene.


Of course, the organizers knew all this, they had even been made aware of it by PI. That Edelmannova was graced with a speech at the main rally nevertheless is amazing only if one refuses to recognize the history of Pro Köln. "Gypsies" are targets of their hatred since they were up to their tricks as "Deutsche Liga für Volk und Heimat"...

PI-reader Hufeland writes:

I found it rather disgusting how Beisicht at the rally applauded every sentence of the right-wing extremist Czech Edelmannove (…) With such allies one can not win over voters with traditional conservative vaues...


Somebody like Wilders from Holland knows why he isn't playing court jester for Beisicht and his cronies, (…)


Another guest of honour of the congress, Robert Spieler, chairman of the French Nouvelle Droite Populaire, published on August 28, 2007 an enthusiastic article justifying the Iranian activities to build an atomic bomb, which will be, in contrast to the American ones at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, only be used for determent purposes... In his speech he totally missed the topic in that he decried "political banks" and capitalism. [We thematized the fact that those valiant "conservatives" have nothing against Islam as such here as well.]

Later in the article, they quote the statement of Norbert Gehrig, which originally triggered off this entry.

And now I can only hope that you-know-who-you-are will read this, as he read the original entry, and go again crying at you-know-whom-I-mean's bosom, telling that he hasn't seen any (but ANY!) trace of a Nazi-presence so that you-know-whom-I-mean can then pass it on to me again, and will, again, get no reply from me in that matter.

But hey I've changed my mind! You-know-who-you-are WILL get one, here and now and on my terms: You say: "I have not seen red-white-black flags (the flag of Imperial Germany) at the rally." So what? Norbert Gehrig didn't say A THING about black-white-red FLAGS, he mentioned flag stickers (pin stickers or embroidery) on basecaps. You CAN read? And yes, Imperial Germany had black-white-red flags. Let's say, for argument's sake (And WOW! DO I love this argument!) that there HAVE been people carrying flags of Imperial Germany. By your reasoning they would be innocent, oldfashioned, conservative monarchists, right? By all let this be heard: Should people carry Imperial German (i.e. black-white-red) flags at rallies, they will be invariably, always, without exception and per definitionem ... what? Yes, you've got it: Nazis! Because Nazis always do that. They do that first to yank the state's chain because the Imperial flags are legal, and second because it gives them the oportunity to gather under something that looks as closely as legally possible like a Nazi flag.

Oh! You didn't know that? One mighty opinion maker more shooting his mouth off without knowing A THING? So what else is new? I, for one, have at least learned one thing during this entire sordid affair: Namely that the importance of a blog has nothing (but NOTHING!) to do with the intellectual capacity behind it, and when I have finished lighting a candle at the altar of Sancta Simplicitas I will come back and tell you what I REALLY think.

Seems somebody has taken the razor away from the ape for the time being. But I guess it's still on the loose.

Start of the original article:

Here is a comment by one of the regular commenters at the German blog Politically Incorrect (see my sidebar) on PI's account of the Pro-Köln rally:
#236 Norbert Gehrig (09. Mai 2009 22:03)

Also ich war wohl auf einer anderen Demo in Köln.

Ich lese hier Dinge die ich vollkommen anders erlebt habe..

Schon auf dem Bahnhof in Leverkusen wurden wir Frankfurter von der Front National aufgefordert,Abstand zu halten. Grund : Unser Fahnen- Israel Fahnen.

Auch die Polizei hatte wohl Probleme die Situation einzuordnen und bildete zeitweise eine Schutzkette vor uns und hinter uns. Ich muss die Polizei für Ihr verhalten loben. Umsichtig und vorausschauend. Sie verstanden zwar nicht warum wir da waren (wir im Laufe der Veranstaltung auch immer weniger), wären aber am Schluss der Veranstaltung bereit gewesen, uns separat auszuschleussen. Zu der Zeit war unser Gruppe über 20 Mann stark.

Ich schreibe nicht weiter. Nein. Ich hatte die Augen offen. Sind keinem die vielen Jugendlichen mit den Rot Weis Schwarzen Fahnenstickern auf den Baseballmützen aufgefallen, die Aufdrucke auf den T-shirts?

Macht die Augen auf Leute. Islamkritiker kommen aus den verschiedensten Schichten. Aber National-Sozialisten und ihre Nachfolger zählen nicht dazu. Die NS Elite war Anhänger der Islamfaschisten, der Großmufti von Jerusalem lebte bis 45 in Berlin.

Und Nazis gehen nicht dahin, wo sie nicht willkommen sind.

Front National war laut einer Pro Köln Aktivistin eingeladen. Sie forderte mich auf, nicht als “Spaltpilz” zu wirken.

Wer schwarz weiß rote Farben trägt, vertritt keine demokratische Vereinigung.

Weder mit National- Sozialisten Nachfolgern, noch mit ihren angeblichen Gegnern der Antifa, mit der sie die Ideologie teilen, sich nur nicht über den Weg einig sind, werde ich gemeinsam arbeiten.

Schwarz Rot Gold ist die Farbe der Republik.

Toll war das Zusammentreffen mit der Christlichen Gruppe aus Köln. Aber wir standen gemeinsam zwischen den Fronten.

Pro Köln hat ein gutes Stück Arbeit vor sich. Durch Taten beweisen, dass sie nichts mit diesen Leuten zu tun haben. Durch Taten..

I must have been at a different rally in Cologne.

What I am reading here is totally different from what I have experienced.

At the railway station in Leverkusen [a nearby town] already, our group from Frankfurt were asked by Front National to keep away from them. Reason : Our Israel banners.

The police, too, must have had difficulties to draw the correct conclusions and formed from time to time a chain to shield us. Kudos to the police, they acted diligently and far-seeing. Although they didn't understand why we were there (a view we started to share increasingly as the rally went on), they were willing to lead us safely from the scene after the rally was over ...

... Have none of you noticed the many young people with the black, white and red banner-stickers on their basecaps? The imprints on their t-shirts?

Keep your eyes open, folks! Islam critics come from all walks of life, but National-Socialists and their successors are not among them. The NS-elite followed the Islam-fascists, the grand mufti of Jerusalem used to live in Berlin until 1945.

And Nazis don't go where they are not welcome.

Front National was, according to a Pro Köln activist, invited. She asked me not to be a "fission fungus" [i.e. divisive].

Those who wear black, white and red colours do not stand for democracy.

I will work with neither, National-Socialist successors nor their alleged enemies, the Antifa, with whom they share the ideology and just can't agree on a mutual path.

Black red and gold are the colours of the Rebublic.

Meeting the Christian group from Cologne was just great. But we were caught together between two fronts.

Pro Köln has a lot of work to do. They'll have to prove by their deeds that they have nothing to do with those people. By their deeds.
And now Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer can go and email Norbert Gehrig that he must have seen things that only exist in Charles Whatshisname's imagination and that they only cancelled their attendance because Charles Whatshisname might have drowned their cyber rubber duckie had they attended, same Charles can tell Norbert Gehrig that it was MUCH worse because he says so and that he (N.G.) is a "Euro fascist" for attending at all. No doubt, all the other valiant and eminently knowledgeable experts of Germany, German culture, history and society and the German political scene on the strength of Robert Shaw's performance in "Battle of the Bulge", from B, like Baron Boddissey, to B, like Brussels Journal, can, and hopefully will, enlighten Norbert Gehrig as well.

And all that while we are scared witless about what might happen to us.

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