May 17, 2010

Biqqiya -- Taqqini

Edited to add:

I commented at Daniel Pipes' blog who sees the overproportional crownings of Muslim beauty queens as a mere matter of Affirmative Action:
Dear Mr. Pipes,

I am not a man so I can't know what a man considers "attractive", but I am under the impression that, as those pageants are supposed to crown beauty-, and not porn queens, their beauty ought to appeal to the male as well as to the female eye. So let me tell you from a woman's point of view that ALL those women are not attractive in a general, aesthetic meaning of the word. They are moderately pretty at best, plain at worst, and some, specifically the newly crowned Miss USA, are decidedly vulgar.

It is often asked why Rima Fakih got away with exhibiting herself at such a shameless event an American beauty pageant doubtlessly is. (I am making this statement not from a Muslim, but from a Catholic European point of view. As far as my and Muslim concepts of modesty seem to overlap, it is purely phenotypical.) Debbie Schlussel has some interesting information about the girl's family's involvement with Hisbollah to offer. That gives this girl's election a pretty disturbing spin far beyond political correctness and Affirmative Action.

One last remark: It would have been nice if you had stuck to the usual etiquette among bloggers and credited me with a link or at least a mentioning for providing you with the information about Shermine Sharivar.

Best regards
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Edited to add:

I watched some of the videos of those excrutiatingly embarrassing moments when the contestants are supposed to prove that they can still make some noise in spite of the lockjaw induced by that fatuous travesty of a smile are not just beautiful, but intelligent as well. Fakih thinks (THINKS? Well, whatever!) that birth control pills ought to be free for women and covered by health insurance because they are "costly". ("Hi Mom!") That is neither liberal speak nor anything connected with any human thought process, dumb, clever, good or evil, that is simply the squawking of a speaking doll. Should she have handlers, it probably took them some time to find a woman QUITE that moronic, which makes the allegations made by Schlussel comprehensible, plus that girl isn't even beautiful, hardly pretty. Three words describe her best, vulgar, vulgar and vulgar.

A zombie.

A zombie, however, who doesn't stand out like, as it should be, a sore thumb among its co-contestants. A cursory glance at the faces of the Miss USA aspirants made me ponder why Americans are doing that to their girls? Although some of them may be very pretty without that lockjaw and a less slutty styling, they without exception look at least ten years older than their biological age, some much older and, sad to say, shopworn.

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Lawrence Auster discusses the on so many levels disturbing phenomenon of Muslim women winning beauty contests in Western countries when they are in no way more attractive than the walking breast implants with carefully dishevelled blonde manes on top and long legs below who used to be at the top of such classless, vulgar spectacles.

In fact, Rima Fakih, 24, of Dearborn, Michigan, even won the Miss USA beauty pageant yesterday. Ms. Fakih is a Muslim, she and her family are immigrants from Lebanon. She grew up in Queens, New York and moved to Dearborn a few years ago. Miss Michigan, who became Miss USA, is neither from Michigan nor American.

So is Islam mellowing by allowing Muslim girls to strut their stuff in bikinis? Good joke! Auster quotes Debbie Schlussel who clues us up that Rima Fakih's family has close ties to Hisbollah and that her donning a Bikini is just another version of taqqiya. Schlussel makes several good points but she still doesn't get a link from this site, go to VFR, there's a link.

My friend the 'gator states: "I'm surprised that we haven't heard anyone issue a fatwa against these women." Excellent point, which supports the taqqiya theory (actually more than just a theory).

Notabene that in the Seventies, pressure was applied indeed in such a case of "Western" aberration. Is it possible that almost 40 years ago Islam wasn't yet in such an advanced stage of conquering the West through the minds of its people and didn't know better than to resort to such unsubtle -- and honest -- methods?