May 30, 2010

Conveniently Forgotten People

(May 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) It was reported widely that about forty bodies of house maids are brought back monthly from the Middle East to the Katunayake Air Port. That is more than one body a day. Our house maids in the Middle East are not moribund old grannies. They are mostly young women. These are certainly not natural deaths. This is like body bags brought back from a war front. It is not a war front but more like a slaughter house. Our women, daughters of Mother Lanka, citizens by descent of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka are being mercilessly used, abused, tortured and butchered by moneyed but illiterate, inhuman, uncivilized, savage Bedouins. What is Sri Lanka doing about it? NOTHING! Shame on all of us!
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Where is the outrage? The media? The feminists? The human rights organisations? Instead, people in the debased West are waxing lyrically about the beauty and sharia-compatible fashion sense of the second or third wife of some medieval Middle Eastern potentate, while the maidservants of those very people are being sent home in a body bag.

Statistically more than one each day.

I have thematised Sri Lanka once before already.


beakerkin said...

Of course when no Jews are involved the world yawns. Muslims as victims given their history is absurd.

The_Editrix said...

The vast majority of Muslim victims worldwide are not Jews or Christians but Muslims. Do they deserve to die? You must be joking.