August 16, 2010

A Cackling Cockatoo's Cognitive Cacophony

In September, a political convention for openly gay Republicans, Homocon 2010, will be held in New York City to celebrate their rationalizations and Ann Coulter's Adam's apple. The organizers are GOProud, who have entered the political arena to represent gay conservatives and their enablers. "GOProud is committed to a traditional conservative agenda that emphasizes limited government, individual liberty, free markets and a confident foreign policy. GOProud promotes our traditional conservative agenda by influencing politics and policy at the federal level." I fail to see what all that has to do with one's sexual orientation, but whatever.

Now I am known for having called Coulter an unprincipled, intellectually dishonest, attention-seeking cackling parrot who would say anything to boost her book-sales figures and a screeching drag queen, so I can, with all the confidence a clear conscience bestows on one, lay back and watch the fray, which is quite a treat. Obviously, both, conservatives and "conservatives", think that Coulter is submitting to the gay agenda and are now mouthing helplessly like dyspnoeic carps. To me it seems that they're both missing the obvious. Rather than thinking that Coulter is making an error in judgement, they should be thinking that perhaps their gilded lily is as gay as the rest of the attendees at Homocon will be.

A previous entry re Coulter: Another Delusional Bubble Burst.


Alligator said...

Interestingly enough, Tammy Bruce, a former militant feminist and president of the Los Angeles Chapter of NOW, has become a conservative pundit. With the exception of being pro-abortion and an open lesbian, she does adhere to a very conservative philosophy of government. I'm wondering if she will be at Homocon rally. If you are right about Ms. Coulter, I won't be surprised. Hardly anything surprises anymore...we just have too many paradigms shifts taking place to be suprised.

Anonymous said...

Funny we should be commenting at the same time on the same event. And I agree with your assessment of Coulter, but I think she has a game plan - a most unprincipled one, of course. The conservative upswell in the USA is regarded by the Republican leadership as a worse threat than anything the Democrats might do. Coulter's game is to pander to consrvatives' sense of anger and outrage while herding them into safe, establishment-friendly paths. She is a Republican party hack of the lowest order; remember her savage attacks on John McCain (whom the likes of Karl Rove hated nearly as much as they hated the conservative grassroots) and her support of the establishment blue-eyed boy Mitt Romney, the most unprincipled politician in America. That was when I saw her in her true light. Did you notice that she NEVER attacks progressives as such, only Democrats?

The_Editrix said...

'gator, after all this, I wonder whether she ever HAD a paradigm to shift.

Fabio, you ask: "Did you notice that she NEVER attacks progressives as such, only Democrats?" Yes I did. I even once noticed her attacking Democrats as "traitors" in a case far back in history and the party still being THE conservative stronghold. It was incredibly stupid. Sadly, I haven't saved it. 'gator, it was at the place where we met. I haven't the stomach to search for it, but maybe you remember as well.

Alligator said...

Well there is no doubt that Coulter speaking to this groups has soured her to a lot of religious conservatives. At the very least, her response to the controversy has given many conservatives the impression that she will surrender her principles for buck and speak to any group. I do notice that Huffington Post highlighted her appearance at gay bar in West Hollywood in 2007. The report did not damage her credibility then because I think everyone understood that HufPo was out to get her. Coulter appeared on O'Reilly last night but on a topic unrelated to her speaking engagement. It will be interesting to watch how this firestorm plays out. So far, I have not heard any of the heavy weight American conservative pundits address the issue. And they may not.