December 23, 2010

England Is Doing away with Herself



Anne said...

I have felt England was a total basket case for some time now.

I am not sure why. Is it because there are more Muslims there? I thought France had more. Another theory is that the Brits were slow to start monitoring radical imams.

Any ideas?

The_Editrix said...

That is a very challenging question. I am a dedicated Anglophile and the mess that has become England makes me sad. England is still an intensely class-ridden society in spite of all shrieks of disgust when the "c-word" is sounding, and I think that all this is basically a class struggle, a class struggle aimed at the abolition of the establishment, good manners, style, traditional values, "class", and country life. In the cities it's a matter of giving in to the howling, jeering forces of barbarism, in the country it's the violent (and hypocritical) abolition of fox hunting and field sports generally.

Everything to destroy conservative, long-standing, traditional values. Islam is just a tool and an asset in this cruel game.

Faceless David Cameron and even more so his upper class wife are traitors to their own class.

I could say now that all this is about "white guilt" based on their colonial past, but I doubt it. The Queen, God bless her, hasn't got the moral fibre anymore to be a saviour and tower of strength. She is old, too old. Her time has come.

Anne said...

Since I have never even visited Britain in hy life, I can hardly respond. intelligently. No doubt this (heavy class distinctions) is why my grandparents all left. And my ex-husband's parents.

I appreciate their choice.

On a different topic, let me vent:

I have been posting on a forum attached to my sister's liberal Protestant church. My sister and I are being slapped around and called bigots and worse.

On their site, you can criticize Catholics all you want, but you must under no circumstances criticize Muslims about anything. Even flying planes into buildings. I was scolded for not taking the proper Christian response to that.

They blame the "media" for whipping up hatred for Muslims. They mean main stream media like BBC. I challenged them to find a single article whipping hatred from the New York Times, a liberal newspaper as you know. No one has responded to call me a bigot.

Mandy said...

We are seeing the destruction of what is Western society. It is the destruction of all-round accepted norms, values, rules, and structure. But that's not the fault of Muslims nor anyone else. It's the cranky, "I-hate-myself" Soviet-minded white liberals in British and American government.