December 16, 2010

Understanding the Delicacies of Islam

Sharia can be fun:

A video published at YouTube gone viral has triggered some outrage in Sudan and scant attention in the West.
Outcry in Sudan
The Guardian - ‎9 hours ago‎
In fact, the outcry denouncing police brutality shows the vitality of Sudanese media and civil society. In a statement, our embassy in London wrote: "The ...
It shows Sudanese police officers laughing as they are publicly lashing a crying, pleading woman trying to flee. Tuesday, dozens of protesters gathered outside the Justice Ministry in Khartoum, authorities said. The demonstrators belong to the Women Initiative Against Violence, and 52 of them -- 46 women and six men -- were arrested for unlawful assembly and released under bail, according to a statement by the Khartoum State Police Force.

Sudan's deputy police chief Adel Al-Agib, speaking to the Dubai based Al-Arabiya TV, said on Monday that the release of the video at this time was ill-intentioned to coincide with the Human Rights day of December 10 and to give the country a bad name. Yes, it seems he really said that.

Columnists in Sudanese pro-government newspapers have called for an immediate investigation. This was (are we amazed?) not because the flogging happened at all, but about how it was performed. The woman was at first flogged to her back, but when she turned to ask for mercy, the whipping continued to her face, hands and legs. This does not comply with Islamic law.

One can say now, of course, that Sudan is a backward hellhole in Africa, full of primitive people and that would be, indeed, true. But how do we then explain people like, say, Katajun Amirpur, half German, German educated, one of the pet-Iranians of the German media, who tried to sell us in 2004 in a leading German newspaper that, her father's country, with which she identifies, is undergoing "progress" because a 16-year-old girl wasn't stoned to death, but rather hanged for the crime of pre-marital sex. "(T)he official age of marriage [which is coupled with the age of hangability]... after delicate negotiations between reformers and conservatives, was raised from 9 to 10 years". That is the same Amirpur who lectured us that the unwashed monstrosity in Tehran didn't really say that Israel ought to be "wiped off the map" (that was a plot to deprive innocent-as-driven-snow Iran from getting the atomic bomb) when he said Israel ought to be wiped off the map.

Yeah right! Understanding the delicacies of Islam is what really matters.

And while I'm at it, here is the link to another still topical older entry.

All this has, of course, nothing to do with Islam, I mean REAL Islam, which is mercy.


Alligator said...

Yes, as bad as these Islamists are, I expect nothing else from them. What really infuriates me is the Westerners who are willing to throw their own cultural history and morals overboard to accommodate and shield these people. Progress indeed. That woman is either certifiable or pure evil for saying what she did.

If these had been Christians or Jews (of course, we don't do things like this) This would be in every paper and newscast for weeks and the media would be howling for the International "community" to do something to stop this.

The_Editrix said...

You mean Amirpur I guess. You see, she isn't perceived as evil although she certainly is. (She certainly is NOT certifiable.) Instead, she is perceived as somebody who can bridge the gap between East and West together with her husband, who is celebrated in Germany as if he had discovered a cure for cancer even though he just insulted the Christian cross. (I think there are links in the article.) I bet they are laughing their asses off about us stupid Germans.


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