December 12, 2010

The Rotting Fish That Is Sweden

In the past several years Sweden has welcomed thousands of new citizens from Arab lands who have repaid their hosts by making their quarters "no go areas" for Swedish police, recreating their culture of hatred and violence at the expense of their hosts. The city of Malmö is specifically plagued. About 7 percent of Malmö's 285,000 inhabitants are of "Middle Eastern origin" (a Western society can bear as much as a 3 percent Muslim population without suffering damage) and, according to the Malmö police, of 115 hate crimes reported in 2009, 52 were antisemitic. And that in spite of the fact that the number of Jews in Malmö is about 700 and shrinking.

Different from Denmark, where police, state and authorities take the issue of Muslim violence seriously, Jews get little support from their Swedish counterparts. Malmö's left-wing Mayor Ilmar Reepalu, for one, thinks that antisemitism comes from the extreme right. He also thinks, that the Jews have brought it unto themselves because they didn't distance themselves from the Israeli campaign in Gaza.

So what else is new.

Now yesterday's bomb blasts that shattered the Swedish capital have triggered really strong and principled responses from Sweden's top politicians, after they had assessed that there was really terrorist intent behind it and not just a wardrobe malfunction of a guy who wears bombs strapped to his body and a Palestinian headrag just for fun. PM Fredrik Reinfeldt called them 'unacceptable' and foreign minister Carl Bildt said in a Twitter message (no less) that it was the "most worrying attempt at terrorist attack in crowded part of central Stockholm". That'll teach them!

Yes, he really said "attempt"! And here am I, thinking that a terrorist attack was something that terrorizes people. But who knows, maybe all Swedes are as sanguine about the Evil of Islam as the mayor of Malmö and it takes much more than a piddling bomb blast with a dead terrorist -- alright, make that "bomb carrier" -- and two injured to terrorize them.

A fish rots from the head down.