April 01, 2006

This is NOT an April Fool's jest!

The following is so incredibly moronic, so rock-hard impregnable and-mega stupid dumb, that it defies all credibility. It is from a DPA dispatch, which is not available online and about the Rütli Schule in Berlin of which I reported yesterday.

You remember? The school that had to call in the police because of …harrrumph… attitude problems of pupils with a migrant background. (How am I doing at politically correct speech?):
(Zusammenfassung 1230 - dpa-Gespräch)
Experte: «Rütli-Probleme» sind Folge von falschen Erwartungen

Berlin (dpa/bb) - Die massiven Gewaltprobleme an der Berliner Rütli-Schule sind nach Ansicht des Sozialarbeiters und Diplompädagogen, Hartmut Brocke, auch eine Folge falscher Erwartungen an die Schüler nichtdeutscher Herkunft... «Wir nehmen einfach unsere Maßstäbe und bewerten die ausländischen Kinder danach.» Das führe bei den Jugendlichen zu starken Frustrationen.

«Wir wollen uns oft gar nicht mit den anderen Kulturen beschäftigen», sagte Brocke. «Stattdessen nehmen wir hin, dass uns andere Familienstrukturen und Frauenbilder fremd bleiben und lehnen diese ab.» Das Ergebnis sei jedoch, dass sich die Migranten abgelehnt und unverstanden fühlten, was dann wiederum zu Unverständnis in der hiesigen Kultur führe. «Das ist ein sich ständig selbstbestätigender Kreislauf», sagte Brocke.

Für die Lehrer bedeute dies, dass sie sich auf ihre Schüler einstellen müssten. «Nicht die Schüler müssen sich an die Schulen anpassen - die Schulen müssen sich an die Schüler anpassen», sagte Brocke... «Man kann nicht einfach davon ausgehen, dass das alles kleine Biester sind.»

Die «Jugendsozialarbeit an Berliner Hauptschulen» ist ein Projekt der Stiftung Sozialpädagogisches Institut (SPI) Berlin... Seit Anfang dieses Jahres können im Rahmen des Hauptschulprojektes schrittweise alle Hauptschulen Hilfe durch einen zusätzlichen Sozialpädagogen erhalten. Dafür stehen pro Jahr 500 000 Euro aus dem Europäischen Sozialfonds zur Verfügung. Auch die Rütli-Schule ist laut Brocke dabei...


(Summary 1230 - dpa-interview)
Expert: «Rütli-Problems» are based on wrong expectations

Berlin (dpa/bb) - The massive violence problems at the Rütli-Schule in Berlin are, according to the social worker and certified educationalist (Diplompädagoge) Hartmut Brocke, often based on wrong expectations towards the pupils with a non-German background... «We simply take our own criteria and apply them to the foreign children.» This is supposed to lead to marked frustrations with the young.

«Very often, we just don't want to be bothered with other cultures», says Brocke. «Instead, we take it for granted that other family structures and images of the female sex remain alien to us and reject them.» The result is that the migrants feel rejected and misunderstood, which leads in turn to a lack of understanding of our culture. «This is a self-perpetuating vicious circle», says Brocke.

For the teachers this means that they have to empathise with their pupils. «Not the pupils have to adjust to the schools, but the schools will have to adjust to the pupils», says Brocke... «One can't simply take it for granted that they are all little beasts.»

«Youth Social Working at Berliner Hauptschulen [i.e. secondary schools and, in fact, holding track for those who have dropped out of the educational system]» is a project of the Stiftung Sozialpädagogisches Institut (SPI) Berlin [of which Brocke is director]... Since the beginning of this year all Hauptschulen can get, within the framework of the project, successively all possible help by an additional social worker. For that, 500,000 per annum from the Europäische Sozialfonds have been made available. The Rütli-Schule, too, is part of this, according to Brocke...
Do you get just HOW dangerously stupid that is, dear reader? Or is it dangerously clever? Those unspeakable Gutmenschen-do-gooders are producing more and more recipients of welfare, enemies of our society, culture and values, and, of course, jobs for themselves. Just how fatuous is that: So OUR schools have to adjust to pupils from a violent death-cult background and not those pupils to our standards of an open society, pluralism, freedom, tolerance and non-violence?

So WE have to accept "other family structures and images of the female sex"? Do we? Including honour killings, gang rapes of unveiled women, female genital mutilation and stoning for adultery? Including hanging of nine-year-old girls who are raped before their execution so they won't go to heaven as virgins?


So is this social worker with a huge budget from Europäische Sozialfonds REALLY asking us to abandon our dearly bought constitutional law, the Grundgesetz, of which the equality of the sexes is part?


And nobody is laughing.

'Culture' is to make a nice drinking bowl from one's enemy's
'Civilisation' is to go to prison for that.

To verify the incredible DPA dispatch, please see the article at the website of the newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger, which is based on it.

And thanks to
Gudrun Eussner who made me aware of this.

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