January 27, 2006

Germans LOVE Jews

Red Army soldiers entered the grounds of the Auschwitz concentration camp on the afternoon of January 27, 1945.

No doubt, today we will have to suffer again all those disgusting lip-services that are deliverd with dogged monotony every year.

Will they help?

Well, let me digress a bit. Yesterday, Walter Kolbow, deputy chairman of the SPD (Socialdemocratic) parliamentary faction of the Bundestag wrote at his faction's website regarding the outcome of the elections for the PA:
"Im Sinne eines friedlichen Zusammenlebens beider Völker und der dringend notwendigen Fortsetzung des Friedensprozesses ist zu wünschen, dass auf beiden Seiten Vernunft und Pragmatismus schnell die Oberhand gewinnen."

"On the grounds of a peaceful cohabitation of both peoples and the sorely needed continuation of the peace process it is desirable, that on both sides common sense and pragmatism will prevail."
Blah blah blah blah...

But is it really JUST blah blah? There clearly is a message behind it. Yes, the pompous old coot is equalling Israel with the murderous -- ooops... make that "genocidal" -- Hamas scum!

The Palestinians voted for terror and genocide. Hamas has never been coy about its goal, namely Israel's destruction. A brief look at the Hamas Covenant makes that quite clear. And if Israel tries to defend herself she will be sabotaging the peace process, at least in the book of Kolbow and his ilk, i.e. the do-gooder majority.

Ah well... just another example of what Wolfgang Pohrt called the "Michel Syndrome", namely the German obsession to "stand with praise and censure at Israel's side as ethical probation officer to keep the victim from committing a second offence."

Pohrt wrote, too, that the Germans with their complex about responsibility ("Verantwortungsfimmel") resemble a convicted child molester who thinks he is specifically qualified for a job as kindergarden teacher.

Yes, we Germans DO have changed. We are no warmongers anymore, forget about "quick as whippets, tough as leather, hard as KRUPPsteel"!

But we have kept at least some of our better traditions. "Am Deutschen Wesen mag die Welt genesen" (German being shall heal the world) is still held in high esteem, we just don't call it that anymore. But we feel deeply concerned and STILL know what is good for others, what Wolgang Pohrt calls "Verantwortungsfimmel", but we have learned and changed our methods. We don't, of course, bloody our hands anymore.

Now we let others do the dirty work.

Happy Holocaust Memorial Day, Walter!

(And thanks to Gudrun who sent me the link to the text on the SPD parliamentary faction of the Bundestag website!)


Kiddo said...

Excellent summation! I'm glad I found your site, fellow blogger!!

I'm simply glad that the Munich atrocity is getting publicity again. Any little bit helps!

The_Editrix said...

Thanks! Care to give me the link to your blog?