April 30, 2006

First images from Israeli spy satellite

From israelinsider.com:
-- Iran and its Nukes --
Eros B, meant to track Iranian nuke program, sends first images
By Associated Press April 30, 2006

This image dated Friday April 28, 2006, from the Israeli spy satellite Eros B, and made available by the Israeli company ImageSat International NV, on Sunday April 30, 2006, one of the first high-quality images reported to show the Kassala airport in southern Sudan. (AP/ImageSat)

The first high-quality images from an Israeli spy satellite designed to track Iran's nuclear program arrived at a ground station over the weekend, an Israeli official said Sunday.

The Eros B, launched last week from Russia, is capable of capturing images on the ground as small as 70 centimeters (27.6 inches). The satellite, which can remain in orbit for six years, can photograph the same spot on the Earth once every four days.

Satellite pictures published in Israeli newspapers Sunday showed vivid images of a Syrian dam, helicopters in Sudan and a military port in an unidentified country.
Click HERE if you can't help wanting to read the rest of the article and all the original things the unwashed monstrosity Ahmadingbat, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, President "Iran is a religion of peace" W. Bush and the German BILD Zeitung have to say. Again and again and again and again...

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