May 10, 2006

A Chillingly Unambiguous and Clear Message

It is just as well that my previous blog entry was about demography.

The basic statement of the following article, namely that the Muslim population of Western Europe is multiplying at a stunning rate and reaching a "critical mass" of five percent in Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany and that the effort to gain a foothold in Europe through legal and illegal immigration, which is not aimed at integration, but at turning Europe into an Islamic continent, is chillingly unambiguous and clear.

The article appeared in The Canadian Jewish News.
It is now ‘Judaism versus Islamism,’ scholar says
Staff Reporter

MONTREAL - The man who first translated and annotated the 1988 Hamas charter says there is no resolution in sight for the Middle East.

Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Raphael Israeli said in a recent talk, will never accept Israel. In addition, Iran is bent on devising nuclear weaponry, and Islam and Islamism are building in the West to unprecedented levels.

The conflict “is now Judaism versus Islamism,” said Israeli, a Middle East scholar at Hebrew University who has authored about 20 books.
Israeli sees the Middle East conflict as three concentric, widening circles.

The smallest is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, followed by the larger Arab-Israeli conflict and then the even larger Judaism versus Islamism confrontation.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Israeli said, the continued Arab threat is more serious and fundamental than the Palestinian question.

“People write about the Israeli-Palestinian question as if there is nothing else,” he said. “But the threat is not from the Palestinians. It is from the Arab countries. It is the bigger equation.”

However, the evolution into a Jewish-Islamist threat is the gravest one, he said.

“It is no longer just political, about assets and territories. When the conflict becomes religious, it is a clash between ideologies and values.

“When Hamas says Allah has given them the entire land of Israel, that is not something you can negotiate away.”

All this becomes strikingly clear, Israeli said, when you compare the charters of the PLO and Hamas.

Israeli said that after Hamas won the last elections in the Palestinian authority, he was inundated with requests for his translation of its charter.

He said even though the PLO never officially renounced its charter, it is still a charter that saw the Arab-Israeli conflict in “relative” as opposed to “absolutist” terms, as the Hamas Charter does.

“The PLO always referred to ‘armed struggle,’ but, at least for strategic reasons, it said it was ready to negotiate.”

Hamas’ charter, by comparison, is absolutist in every way, with no references to diplomacy, and it is riddled with explicit racism, anti-semitism and utter rejection of Israel forever – all based on jihadist fervency in fulfilling the will of Allah.

Ironically, Israeli said, Hamas has at least been been completely open and honest about its plans to annihilate Israel. The language of its charter is “utterly uncompromising, vitriolic and anti-Semitic,” and it will never be altered, he predicted.

“So when you hear the president of Iran saying the same thing, you shouldn’t be surprised,” he said. The Hamas charter even “uses the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion]” – a notorious anti-Semitic historical hoax – “as a document of history.”

The current situation is serious, Israeli said, with Iran and Saudi Arabia apparently ready to prop up the Hamas government of the Palestinian Authority and Iran preparing for a nuclear conflagration.

The audience gasped when Israeli noted that a book he is now preparing on Islam in Europe will include mention of the fact that the Muslim population of Western Europe is multiplying at a “stupefying rate, [reaching] a critical mass” of five per cent of the population in such countries as Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

The effort by Islamists to gain a foothold in Europe through both legal and illegal immigration is not intended to integrate, but to transform Europe into a fundamentally Islamic continent, he said.

It “won’t necessarily happen,” Israeli added, but that is the plan.

During question period, Israeli was asked about ways to thwart Iranian nuclear ambitions.

Only the United States possesses the power to do it, he replied, but Israel will do “certain things” if no other alternative is seen.
Well, it's hard for me to say anything about the circumstances in Belgium, Holland, Sweden and Denmark, or France, Austria and others, for that. As far as Germany ic concerned, the phenomenon of gladly submitting to dhimmitude is not exactly new, also it gets increasingly worse lately. [Click HERE and HERE to learn about the desecration of Christian churches, instigated by their own clergy.]

However, to reduce the current Clash of Civilisations to a Jewish/Muslim one makes it suddenly and stunningly clear what it is all about and ... it complies largely with my own theory, which, at least so I always suspected, might be a bit over-simplistic.

So do we really have a continuation of the time-honoured and -tested tradition of cooperation between the Nazis and the Palestinian Arabs here, with Germany leading the field and the other nations (I specifically and explicitly exclude Denmark here!) just watching at best, complying at worst?

Is it really just due to the fact that Germany is accountable to the United States –- I suspect the main reason for the maniacal antiamericanism here -- and that open antisemitism is hence bad for business, that we haven't yet returned to a frequently demanded "normalcy" towards Jews?

So is Germany really so meekly submitting to dhimmitude because that allows for staging a seemingly new, liberal society, open to freedom and diversity (shades of Interior Minister Schäuble and "We want to be better" are looming...) by replacing the murdered Jews with Muslims and at the same time assuring that those few Jews will be unable to gain any importance ever again, however minor, by the presence of those very Muslims? Plus, beyond that inter-German scenario, is there an even bigger plan?

That is not a conspiracy theory, mind you, just plain old armchair psychology applied to the people I know so well, and -- God knows -- sometimes better than I would like.

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