May 01, 2006

The Internationale Revisited: Happy Workers' Day

I dedicate my version of the Internationale to the Spanish Socialist party and their great project of granting apes human rights, and even more so because they are aspiring, in the spirit of true egalitarianism and anti-speciesism, to include Capuchine monkeys as well with their project, although the latter are no apes but "observations confirm that this species uses tools, something which one would expect to appeal to a workers’ party."

One would indeed!

After a century and a half of a noble and heroic history, the labour movement has finally arrived at... monkey business.

Comrades, eat more bananas
Upchuck vomit and spew
The Internationale
Unites the apes anew.

Völker, esst mehr Bananen,
davon wird euch ganz schlecht.
Die Internationale
erkämpft das Affenrecht.

(German version: Liza!)


John Moredock said...

Depressing, ain't it? Where's Alexander Berkman when you need him?

The_Editrix said...

Goodness, Mr. Moredock!

You introduce me to people of whom I never had a hunch they existed and make me reading things I never wanted to read. ;-)

I guess poor Alexander Berkman is gyrating in his grave.