May 28, 2006

You'll have a lot of changing to do yet!

AP tells us via the Houston Chronicle:
Poland's Chief Rabbi Attacked in Warsaw
By VANESSA GERA Associated Press Writer
© 2006 The Associated Press

KRAKOW, Poland — Poland's chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, was punched and sprayed with what appeared to be pepper spray by an unidentified man in downtown Warsaw, but escaped without injuries from what police said may have been an anti-Semitic attack.
Yeah, MAY have been! But then, the attacker might have confused the rabbi with a stray football hooligan on his way to Germany...
Schudrich said he was heading to a Sabbath lunch Saturday near Warsaw's main synagogue with a group of people when a young man yelled out "Poland for Poles!"

"That's a well-known pre-World War II slogan which basically means 'Jews, get out of Poland,' and I didn't like hearing it, so I approached the gentleman to ask him why he said such things and his reaction was to punch me in the chest," Schudrich told The Associated Press.
Well, he MAY have yelled that, but he MAY have just yelled "Polska gol!"

"I was going to hit him back, but before I had a chance to hit him he sprayed me with some kind of spray -- maybe pepper spray."

Schudrich said his eyes still burned from the spray but that he was otherwise uninjured.
"We're treating this as a possible anti-Semitic provocation, although it may have simply been an act of hooliganism," [Interior Ministry spokesman] Sklodowski said. "The fact that it happened just as the pope is visiting Poland and going to Auschwitz means the attack could have had an anti-Semitic motive, that it was meant to tarnish the image of Poland."
Yeah right! The Jews probably staged the incident themselves. Every Pole knows how crafty they are. (And if you really HAVE to read the rest of this little bit of insight into the Polish psyche, click HERE).

Gosh Poland, you'll have a lot of changing to do yet!

To read more about the Polish way of dealing with their past read God's Blessed Rottweiler.

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