October 13, 2006

Oh my... It is SO good to be among the living again!

I was just asked by Jeremayakovka what I think of German author Hilmar von Campe: "Is he an ordinary man who has sought to do a little good? a rigorous intellectual? a fraud?"

An interesting question, which I'd like to share with my readers.

As von Campe was unknown to me so far, I had a look at him and his work and after a first cursory assessment I'd definitely say that he is NOT a fraud.

What impresses me specifically is that he doesn't pose as a former rabid Nazi who saw the light, but that he stresses the fact that it was looking the other way of ordinary people like himself which made the Nazi atrocities possible.

I appreciate, too, that he seems to see the Communist crimes in perspective and doesn't reckon them up against the Nazi crimes, something only too many Germans like to do.

I appreciate, too, that he draws the inevitable parallels between Nazi Germany and the recent Muslim threat. It needs a lot of courage to do that. Many former Nazi followers (like Nobel-laureated asshole with the selective memory Günther Grass) are falling over their own feet in anticipating obedience and dhimmitude. Everything (but EVERYTHING!) not to be called a Nazi or "racist" again. (To what extent there is the conscious ot subconscious desire behind it that the Arabs may finish what the Germans were forced to cease, namely the Holocaust of the Jews, is a different question right here.)

Hilmar von Campe's biography bears witness to the fact that the secular Leftist/Liberal ideologies are no answer to the totalitarian and inhuman threats now, as they haven't been an answer then.

Just my two Eurocents.

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