October 13, 2008

Labour of Love

While the well-meaning but -- to put it politely -- slightly one-dimensional Americans tend to throw a hearty "he was a patriot" after every dead Nazi towards hell because HE opposed immigration and THEY don't know their arses from their elbows, i.e. squat about German history, society and mentality, the Austrian liberal newspaper "Der Standard" gives us a more complex insight into the now dead mind of Jörg Haider, governor of the Austrian state of Carinthia, the man who thought that he could always get away with driving at more than 140 km/h on a road designed for 70 km/h.

The question to end all questions is whose fault it was that Haider turned into a Jew-hater -- no, let me rephrase: that "he resorted to political non-correctness". Don't fret, "Der Standard" knows why:
"One can regard his antiamericanism and his resorting to political non-correctness as a result of his questionable interpretation of the European past or as reaction to his own rejection, specifically by Israel, who had recalled her ambassador from Vienna when [Haider's then party] the FPÖ became part of the government in 2000. Also, Haider was probably looking out to extend his influence to the international stage, and nobody else wanted him.
Yes, we cried too. If he hadn't been such a cuss with his obsessive antiamericanism, VDare might have even thrown a dirt cheap regular column after him. Who knows, maybe they did and he politely declined. I'm sure he had, in his own way, higher standards than VDare and their ilk.

So Haider really loved the Jews, but, like with his parents before him, this love remained unreciprocated, whereupon he turned into a Jew-hater and flirted with Arab dictators who are, as we all know, nothing but frustrated lovers of the Jews as well.

And if the Mossad hadn't killed Jörg Haider, they would have all lived happily ever after.

Hat tip: Liza!

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