April 18, 2010

Germans Gutted Yet Again

I stole this from the arguably most inspired German blog, Darvins Illustrierte.


Alligator said...

If the Pope said the volcanic eruption which caused the canceled flights was a judgment from God, the press would have gone insane like a rabid dog. So what else can the Pope say? "Volcanoes have been erupting since the beginning of time, and when they do, they can affect the way we live." Or maybe he can pray, "Almighty God, please help us get our airline flights back on schedule." Really, what is expected of the Pope?

The_Editrix said...

'gator, expected of him is to self destruct together with his Church and the Decalogue so that people can sin henceforth without any bothersome pangs of conscience.

Actually, it is an innuendo, referring to the recent child molesting scandal in Germany where every effort is made to somehow link the pope to it and no such chest beating is expected from the secular perpetrators.