September 03, 2010

Germany at A Historic Turning Point?

We are living in a country where the economist Thilo Sarrazin was slandered by the Green politician Renate Künast as "debased" und "unfeeling" because he was quoting figures and statistics, in which a German-Turkish minister from Lower Saxony, who had tried to oblige the media to follow "culturally sensitive" speak when it comes to Turkish migrants, proudly states that she "doesn't need statistics and analysis" because she "knows migrants".

Humanity and life triumph over satanic statistics which reduce "people to numbers". Even the chancellor, herself a scientist, took up the new cuddly speak and let us know how she really felt. Everything else would mean to talk about one's own shortcomings anyway.

Because Thilo Sarrazin states what can't be denied: A minority refuses to integrate because they despise this society, its culture and the native population, whose representatives don't dare to demand the necessary respect. That is the main issue of the debate, which will now be hunted down and mopped up -- together with Thilo Sarrazin.

It is of previously unknown sleaziness what is sold to us as debating culture, as open-mindedness and vibrant multiculti. The representatives of the German-Turkish community are acting miffed and deny the problem.

Politicians are counting on votes from that clientele and nobody speaks up for the native population who have, very probably, reasons for not wanting to be told towards whom they ought to be culturally sensitive.

And Sarrazin? He is the whipping boy who is met with sheer and undiluted dehumanizing contempt and hatred, and who, despite of all this, tries in an almost touching way, again and again, to get across a reasoned argument.

All those involved have made utter fools of themselves with their phoney, hypocritical "humanity" and the majority of Germans now see Sarrazin as an upright, honourable man who has integrity and backbone and who lacks the slippery sliminess with which the others have made themselves unassailable.

The causa Sarrazin is a historic turning point for this country, and that doesn't suggest anything good.

This is a feature by rbb, a public law (state-controlled) broadcaster. The good thing is that, in its attempt to discredit Sarrazin, it shows the hypocrisy of the political and opinion making elite in full fly.

Obviously, Sarrazin has the charisma of a floor vase, which makes him rather more credible.

The above text down to the video is an excerpt and a rough translation of a radio commentary by Dr. Cora Stephan, political scierntist and journalist.

The video was dubbed with English subtitles by Vlad Tepes.

Thanks to both.


Anonymous said...

"Alexander Isayevitch, do not despair yet. The people will listen."

Pedantry corner: in English, "stately" means having a proud and noble aspect - a stately procession, a stately room, a stately person. "Staatlich" would be "public" or "State-owned".

Anonymous said...

The book and TV interviews by Thilo Sarrazin sounds exactly like one that a banker would write. He's concerned mainly about how Muslims don't assimilate, and aren't very educable on average, and so the bottom line is that Germany won't be able to compete as well in the world market as it is accustomed to.

Right now however it is easy for people to ignore his warnings because Germany is doing well in he world economy. But the way I see it, this is just a short term phenomenon. Why? Because the German population is set to shrink, and thus Germany has the majority of its workers in the prime of their lives, and these workers don't have to support the next generation as much since the next generation is half what it used to be, so that money can be spent on infrastructure and making the economy robust.

The US had the same situation from the 1980s to the early 2000s when the Baby Boomers were at the prime of their lives. In the 1970s the US birthrate his record lows of about 1.7 children per woman, so the baby boomers didn't have the burden of supporting the next generation. This made the economy robust. Now, though, the Baby Boomers are starting to retire, and there's not enough skilled labor to replace them, so the economy is tanking.

So the lesson is that Germany will do fantastic for a while (another decade?), but soon the older generation will retire, and they'll find that there's not enough of the next generation to replace them. Then Germany will be in the same tough straits as the US just entered and will be in for a while.

The_Editrix said...

"Pedantry corner: in English, "stately" means having a proud and noble aspect - a stately procession, a stately room, a stately person. "Staatlich" would be "public" or "State-owned"."

Indeed and, believe it or not, I know that -- theoretically. It's just that "staatlich" sounds so very much like "stately" that I keep using it the wrong way. Thanks, Fabio, I will put it right.

Yes Bruce, that is a fair summary of Sarrazin's bottom line, I'd say. I still haven't read the book, still waiting for the next edition.

Universal Realist said...

I the following today and thought it interesting.

German Chancellor Merkel: German multiculturalism “Utterly failed”. See:

The_Editrix said...

UR, that woman is an utter opportunist. She has come to understand that her spineless stance in the Sarrazin-affair hasn't won her any brownie points with the public. Never forget that she weasled her way all through the most vile of all Eastern Bloc communist systems.

By the way, it drives me up the wall if the Christian Democrats are labelled "conservatives". They are Sacré Coeur Socialists, always have been. When I was a child, a Protestant in a leading position in the "C" parties used to be somewhat suspicious. The few remnants of former political glory of this representative of political Catholicism have been utterly destroyed by this Protestant pastor's daughter by now.

Never forget: She was born in Hamburg and her parents went to the GDR out of their own free will when she was a child. Can you tell me HOW leftist one has to be to make such a decision? THAT was the environment in which Merkel grew up. Now go figure.