September 11, 2010

Never Forget


Anonymous said...

A couple months ago I left a comment here about how Muslim women who come to the West for plastic surgery after acid attacks still say Islam is tolerant. (I could probably still find the links). Today I read that a Saudi diplomat is gay and is a friend to a Jewish woman, but says that the Saudi has twisted Islam, whereas Islam itself is tolerant. So it's not just the women:

Saudi diplomat seeking asylum: 'My life is in danger'
Envoy says he fears persecution if he leaves the U.S. and returns home

The_Editrix said...

I remember that well, Bruce. Those people are brainwashed. I guess it is difficult to admit, and most of all to oneself, that one has been taken for a ride all one's life by a pseudo-religion.

Terry Morris said...

It is said that "it's hard to reason someone out of that which they didn't reason themselves into to begin with," or something to that effect. I think the idea pretty well holds true whether I butchered the actual quote or not.

beakerkin said...

Thanks for all of us who were there.
I will never forget the haunting defiant look of the NYFD people going to the WTC as I went away from it. I can never really describe that look.