May 11, 2006

Mossad Want Their Money Back -- a website that should not be confused with the satellite television channel Al Jazeera -- informs us:
Mossad murdered 530 Iraqi scientists
5/9/2006 1:30:00 PM GMT

Numerous reports for many months have stated that with collaboration from American occupation forces, Israel’s espionage apparatus, Mossad, slaughtered at least 530 Iraqi scientists and academic professors.

Persistent Israeli hit squads against Iraqi scientists had been active in Iraq since April 2003, but the latest chapter was uncovered on Tuesday, 14 June 2005 by the Palestine Information Center which, citing a report compiled by the United States Department of State and intended for the American President, stated that Israeli and foreign agents sent by Mossad, in cooperation with United States, to Iraq, killed at least 350 Iraqi scientists and more than 200 university professors and academic personalities .

According to the report, which was referred to the U.S. president George W. Bush, Mossad agents had been operating in Iraq with the aim of liquidating Iraqi nuclear and biology scientists, among other scientists, and prominent university professors.

That was after the U.S. failed to persuade those scientists to cooperate with or work for it.
The Pentagon agreed with the suggestion of Mossad, which believed that the best way to get rid of those scientists was to "physically eliminate them".

The American security service provided Israel with complete biographies on the Iraqi scientists and academics to facilitate killing them, the report said, adding that the Mossad campaign targeting Iraqi scientists is still underway.
My friend dear Dick informs us, that the Mossad want their money back for those reports provided by the Americans.

"Some of the biographies provided to Mossad by the US intelligence agencies were incorrect. (The US intelligence guys were confused because everyone of the 530 were 'Muhammads'.)"

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