May 11, 2006

Pictures Deserving Wider Circulation

St. Boniface, Brussels: Tents run along the entire length of the aisle.

An open fire. The original caption apologises for the bad quality of the photo, saying that one of those whose picture was taken became quite aggressive.

A computer to play games.

The desecration starts at the church front.

The demand: Legalising of All Illegal Immigrants.

The pictures above are from a great blog, which goes by the name of Catholic Church Conservation. I'd blogroll it, weren't it for its horrible layout with execrable advertisements.

However, a blog entry headed Church becomes tent city, which refers to the total, utter and complete submission to dhimmitude of the Belgian Catholic clergy (see my blog entry ...assuming the asshole can read.), shows the above pictures of the Church of St Boniface in Brussels, suffering under the occupation of "without-papers", illegal immigrants, demanding what they think are their rights. The blogger reminds us that there are hundreds of places in Belgium to "occupy", but that they have chosen to desecrate a a Christian church, which is, of course, programmatic per se and part of a well-defined agenda.

Those were the days when the infidels had to use fire and sword to occupy sacred ground.

St. Boniface, Brussels, in better days.

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