May 22, 2006

THIS IS NO SATIRE: Fast forward to total Dhimmitude!

I am NOT joking! And I am not joking either if I am saying that I had to ask somebody else before I was entirely sure:

Yes, this is no satire. This is an authentic poster issued by the JuLis, the youth organisation of the "liberal" (in the European, not the American sense) German Free Democratic Party, FDP, and yes, the very party of recent "We Are Talking To Hamas" fame The poster's caption says "More Variety" and "fast forward [using exacly those English words] to a tolerant society".

Apart from the sense- and tasteless use of an Anglicism when addressing Germans, this is what will happen if one confuses "liberalism" and "tolerance" with arbitrariness and ethical relativism, as it is done all the time.

(Thanks to Liza for helping me clarifying my thoughts!)


Anonymous said...

Damn, what is the best response when running into these converts in person? (I see more and more every day where I live.)

Die Madchen is wearing lipstick. Isn't that a no-no?

Her pristine aura wouldn't be possible without a high-tech camera, lens, lighting, and other Japanese or German photographic equipment.

The_Editrix said...

JMK, I think they were trying to make a point, an important political statement. Don't be a party pooper by pointing out facts!

(Actually, I think it's the same model.)

The_Editrix said...

Ooops... I see I've overlooked your point.

I don't think this is about converts. This is about the real thing, namely accepting non-German Muslims in the name of "tolerance and variety".

The fact that they used the same (blonde) model for both pictures (I have a hunch they are on a tight budget) is bound to suggest conversion. However, I am sure that was not the intention.

Anonymous said...

They resemble "Before" and "After" images typical of quick-fix ads for diets, plastic surgery, etc.

The second image clearly rebuts the suggestiveness of her astonishing and coquettish hairstyle: the hejab promises modesty and chastity instead of a slackjawed oversexiness. If the facial expressions were reversed between the images, this would be considered "Islamophobic".

Disturbing, any way you look at it.

Anonymous said...

substitude the hijab for the nazi armband with a swastika. you see many of us nonmuslims who have been victims of islam do see islam as a hatefilled genocidal movment along the line of nazisim. all you have to do is substitude arab for arayan and the islam for nazi socialisim and the koran for mein kamph. muhammed for hitler. than after that they are identical.