May 22, 2006

Peace Crap Talk or Chutzpah à l'Arabe

I am still maniacally busy with putting up my website, but this is to good to be missed! The China Post, relying on an AP report, is telling us:
Arab League chief at World Economic Forum: No to nuclear weapons in Mideast

The Arab League chief on Monday said U.S. charges that Iran wants to build nuclear weapons had no credibility in the Arab world and demanded that the allegation be supported by proof from the U.N. nuclear watchdog.

Amr Mousa further declared that Arabs want the whole region to be free of nuclear weapons, including the arsenal Israel is believed to possess.

"The Middle East does not need a military nuclear program, be it Iranian, Israeli or other," Moussa told a news conference at the World Economic Forum meeting on the Middle East. "Our goal and interest is to have a Middle East free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction."
I bet it is!

I really really like that one! This must be what the Jews call "chutzpah"!

May I remind you of a few simple facts?

Map and original caption were taken from IRIS:
Israel is shown in blue. Also, Mauri-tania, Sudan and Somalia are somewhat cut off at the edge of the map.
Back to [IRIS'] index of size maps.

The Arab nations are represented by 21 countries. There is only one tiny Jewish country, Israel. The territory of Arab all Arab countries together is 650 fold greater than Israel's. Their population is 50 fold greater than Israel's. BUT: The average per capita GDP in Arab countries amounts of $3,700 versus $18,000 for Israel. (This may be slightly off-topic, but I can't resist: And never forget that this is despite the fact that many Arab countries can boast the world's richest oil resources!)

The facts from a slightly different angle: The Arab countries in the region, ranging from Islamist ochlocracies at worst to medieval monarchies and dictatorships at best, most of them hell-bent on destroing Israel with a few (Egypt and Jordan are notable examples) sitting cautiously on the fence, have a (roughly estimated) population of 292,500 and a 13,486,861 square miles territory, compared with Israel's, the only modern democracy in the Middle East, (roughly estimated) population of 6,000,000 and 20,770 square miles territory.

If one adds non-Arab Adolfdinejad's Iran, another neighbourhood bully, it's even worse.

Israel fought four wars against her Arab neighbours, 1948 the War of Independence, 1956 the Sinai War, 1967 the Six Day War and 1973 the Yom Kippur War. Israel defended herself each time and won each time. After each war Israeli army withdrew from most of the areas it won. This is unprecedented in World history and shows Israel's willingness to reach peace even at the risk of fighting for its very existence again and again and again. What did it do for Israel's reputation? In a Eurobarometer poll of November 2003, a majority of Europeans named Israel as the greatest threat to world peace. Overall, 59 percent of Europeans placed Israel among the top counries, ahead of such paragons of peaceful, civilised and democratic conduct like Iran and North Korea. In Netherlandistan, that shitty little piece of sea bottom full of bigots, where they are now as proudly submitting to dhimmitude as they resisted the Germans in WWII, that figure rose to 74 percent. (If somebody'd ask me, I'd say I think that those effing do-gooder Jews will probably never learn their lesson, but sadly nobody is asking me...!)

Should I have ever known who said it, I've forgotten it long ago, but it's still true: If the Arabs put down their weapons today there would be peace. If the Israelis put down their weapons today there would be no more Israel.

But it's not just a matter of figures, heads and square miles. The Arab stance reminds me eerily of that of my own people. No, not the incessant whining about the results of lost wars one has started oneself, this time it's the "peace talk". Until recently it were the Germans who replaced the Endlösung der Judenfrage with talk about "the rights of the Palestinian people" and "our special relationship with Israel" ("special" indeed!), now even the Arabs have learned their lesson and instead of "Let's drive the Jews into the sea" (let's remember Bubba Hadj Amin fondly here) it's now "Our goal and interest is to have a Middle East free of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction".

Model students, aren't they, those Arabs!

For basic information on the balance of power in the Middle East I recommend IRIS.

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