June 04, 2006

'Get rid of the Jews. It's been done before.'

From YouTube!

Addressing Grievances of British Muslims: Phil Hendrie talks to a specifically open and honest sort of Islam-empathiser.

Mind you, Mr. Empathiser is only different in the stringence of his corollary and the degree of his frankness, not in his basic intent, from most of his fellow do-gooders.

This is eerie! IS that one of Phil's fictional characters or not?

Thanks to Michael Miersch at AchGut.

Edited to add: It IS a fictional chracter. The "borderline" effect Phil Hendrie creates is as eerie as revealing -- as is our reaction to it.


Nilk said...

Hate to do this to you, Editrix, but this is a satire. Phil Hendrie has a radio show where he plays all of the guests and some of the callers. He is playing both himself and the caller in this one.

I had someone send me the link to this also, and it broke me up.

His main site is and you can also check wiki if you want. Would have been great if it was true, though.

The_Editrix said...

I corrected my entry while you were writing this. Satire indeed! I did the same like you and checked Wiki, which clarified things!

The eerie thing is that it COULD have been true, though!

However, thanks for confirming my suspicion!