July 22, 2006


FOX NEWS reports yesterday that Hezbollah finds opposition from an unexpected side:
A leading Wahhabi cleric in Saudi Arabia has issued a scathing fatwa against Hezbollah — the latest in a series of condemnations from the usually supportive Arab world. Sheik Abdullah bin Jabreen declares it against Muslim Sharia law to support, join, or even pray for the terror group, writing, "Our advice to the Sunnis is to denounce them and shun those who join them to show their hostility to Islam and to the Muslims."

The New York Sun reports that the fatwa also condemns Iran for funding and supporting Hezbollah to further what Jabreen called its imperial ambitions.
That would go together with other evidence, for example that the influential Quatar Al Djazeera news channel is buying anchormen, columnists and advisors in the democratic West or the recommendable broadcasting of the now famous interview with Dr. Wafa Sultan on February 21, 2006. Click HERE for the video.

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ob fusc said...

Every indoctrinated apologist for Israel must have a deeply repressed, horrible memory of a time in their development when a truth was glimpsed for the first time of the injustice of Israel's founding from the point of view of the Palestinians; a moment of seeing it from the Palestinians' side. I suspect that at this moment, unless the person is able by disposition and circumstances to undergo a conversion of perspective, massive psychological forces must be mobilised to shore up their position - including racism (the Palestinians were not really a people, they do not value life like us), denial (evinced in reliance on an ahistorical 'look how violent the terrorists have been to us since 1948') and, in the final analysis, retreat to a pure 'might is right' perspective - we have superior force and we will protect our people and God help (sic) anyone who tries to interfere in our destiny. The exercise of violent power in one's own cause with deliberate disregard for others' perspective, simply because we can, is surely nothing other than fascism.