July 24, 2006

Hitler and the Mufti

This is a concerted effort between Justify This, Infidel Bloggers Alliance and myself.

The impact of antisemitism Hitler-style on the Arab world is still unbowed and doesn't even bother with politically correct smokescreens like "Criticising Israel must not be taboo".

It shows too, however, that the Mufti wasn't quite the innocent "noble savage" who got spoilt by the evil Nazis, but that this was a mutually inspriring relationship between two evil powers, both rooted in their respective Jew-hating tradition.

Hats off to the Bayerischer Rundfunk and Report München who broadcast it. An absolute exception from the usual "Israel threatens to defend herself"-coverage we otherwise see here in Germany.

For additional information my blog entry A Very Practical and Attractive Religion for Soldiers might me interesting.

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