February 21, 2010

So what else is new?

Currently, the worldwide mainstream media are working their collective Attends in a knot because Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a top terrorist senior Hamas official, who wanted to buy arms from Iran nothing but to live in peace like all Palestinians if the Israelis would only let them, was killed in a luxury hotel in Dubai.

While I was asking myself how a Hamas official could afford a luxury hotel in Dubai while the Palestinian children are starving (I haven't found an answer yet), I had a closer look at the case. So there was a team of eleven to perform an assasination for which two would have been sufficient? And they all look as if they'd jumped off the stage of a cheap amateur movie production? Smiling at the security cameras? Using mainly passports of Britons living in Israel? The MOSSAD, of all organisations, overlooked the fact that in security-obsessed Dubai nothing will escape the omnipresent cameras? Precision? Finesse? Not even the Hamas believes that the Mossad is behind the killing and suspects "an Arab government". And don't we all know how the Palestinian groups love and cherish each other?

To me (I may be wrong) this looks like an effort at getting rid of al-Mabhouh while playing off the Brits and Israel against each other in the process, and, thanks to the anti-Israel media bias, so far successfully. There is only one thing of which we can be sure at this point: The story will vanish into thin air more quickly, MUCH more quickly, than you can say "antisemitism" should it transpire that Israel is NOT behind the assassination.

Just as a reminder three random examples of antisemitic anti-Zionist media spin: this and this and this. There are countless more examples, just let me mention as well the probably most damaging ones, the Mohammed al Doura hoax and the Jenin "massacre" lie.

May the blood of the 23 killed Israeli soldiers come over those who ordered them to street fight to save Arab lifes instead of bombing the place.

To the world it is still a "massacre".

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