October 01, 2009

Frau Merkel Returns -- Sadly

'Frau Merkel' Returns -- Ilana Mercer quotes from an article by Richard Spencer at Takimag:
It’s my view that Takimag readers should muster somewhere between 1.7 and 2.2 cheers for the Christian Democrats of Germany, who proved victorious this weekend in national elections. Their triumph not only secures a second chancellorship for Angela Merkel, but it will allow her to form a ruling coalition with the Free Democrats, who are much like the Club For Growth wing of the Republican Party.” …

“Though a decent and smart woman, Merkel is hardly a dynamic, risk-taking European politician in the line of Pim Fortuyn or Geert Wilders. … Though to her credit, over the past six months, she has issued forth some guarded grumblings about the Fed’s zero-interest-rate policies as well as Washington’s demand that countries with savings and trade surpluses finance Obama’s ’stimulus’ orgy.”…
While the worst-case scenario I outlined two weeks ago didn't happen, I am not all that optimistic when it comes to Germany's future. Above all, I don’t share Richard Spencer’s kindly view of neither, the Christian Democrats as they are nor of Angela Merkel, and specifically any comparison, even a far-fetched one like here, with Pim Fortuyn or Geert Wilders is preposterous. Merkel couldn’t manage to form another coalition with her partner of choice, the Social Democrats, which is a good thing. However, I am not all that optimistic about the value of the Free Democrats either. They are the party most open to the Islamisation of Germany, partly because of their liberal understanding of society, partly -- they define themselves as the party for the well-to-do and business people -- because of the opportunities the trade with the Muslim countries offer.

Angela Merkel doesn’t deserve her second mandate, but got it for want of any alternative. The woman who lately told the pope from a great height how to run his shop while standing next to a Muslim potentate has managed to confine the Christian Democrats to utter meaninglessness within just four years. It wasn't what I had expected. Four years ago she got my vote. This time I joined the mightiest party in Germany, the party of the non-voters.

Some information about the Islamic proclivities of the Free Democrats can be found, for example, here, here, here or here.

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