October 02, 2009

'German Patriot' Converts to Islam

The German "Pro" parties (Pro Köln being the best known one), so I stated when the rally organized by that party gained some notoriety by Robert Spencer's and Pamela Geller's absence in May, are not part of the bona fide "Islam critical" movement. In fact, so I argued, they have nothing against Islam as such, and don't shy away from rubbing shoulders with a world view to which they basically feel a marked affinity, first because it is totalitarian, and second because it is antisemitic/anti-American. What they do NOT want, however, are strangers at their own doorstep. This they call "Überfremdung" -- literally "overforeignisation" -- which is an undisputed- and definitely racist term. It has, I say it again, nothing to do with Islam, but with skin colour.

Here are my previous posts covering that specific issue, which I strongly recommend for further clarification:

-- The Pro-Köln-Dustup: -- A Crucial American Fallacy:

Dear American conservative!
Did you know that there is a 99,9% probability that somebody you call appreciatively a German (or Austrian, for that) patriot will hate your guts?

You will see that I, too, made perfectly clear that many decent people are among those who follow the "Pro" movement for want of any alternative in a political environment hell-bent on submission to Islam. I outlined as well the scandalously hypocritical and unconstitutional action of the German authorities and political classes towards a movement that is undoubtedly legal, as much as one may disapprove of that.

Maybe this bit of news sheds some additional light on it:
Roger Schwedes, former head of the regional branch of Pro-NRW Ruhrgebiet, recently converted to Islam. In an interview with the Islamist website "muslim-markt" he reports in detail about his time with "Pro NRW".

As a former member of the "Republikaner" [one of the -- just -- legal parties in Germany bordering on National Socialist ideology] he considered the "people's movement Pro NRW" young, fresh and full of new ideas... He didn't object to the "Überfremdung" assumptions of the movement because of the overproportional criminal behaviour among migrants. His goal was to find an alternative to the face- and characterless major people parties. Criticism of Islam wasn't all that important to him, what he wanted was to turn away from anti-German, pro-American and capitalism-orientated politics, so Schwedes explained.

[Follows a lengthy complaint about internal strife within the Pro-movement.] The informal Pro NRW meetings in various regions turned out to be nothing but palaver by frustrated lower middleclass Babbits, just eager to vent about "Ali" from next door. However, through Pro NRW he became familiar with Islam.

Roger Schwedes' conversion to Islam should be seen with a critical eye not just because of his former membership with the Republikaner and Pro NRW, but as well because of antisemitic statements approved by him. Additional information at Politblogger. Interestingly, Pro NRW claims now to have expelled him because of that, which, not surprisingly, is untrue: Schwedes resigned out of his own motivation and the head of Pro NRW, Markus Beisicht, thanked him for his cooperation over many years and the achieved "success for the organisation". Successor of Schwedes in the Ruhrgebiet happened to become the notorious Neonazi defence lawyer André Picker.

The interview mit Roger Schwedes can be read in full here.
(Translation mine.)

I wonder why nobody (myself included) asked Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders' great confidante, why HE did NOT attend the Pro-Köln rally back in May. Is it possible that she finally and much too late, namely after she had consented to attend, had a word with him and that THAT was the reason why she and Spencer refrained from attending, and not the fear that Charles Johnson of LGF-infame might drown their cyber rubber duckie? But it's always easier to blame somebody else than to admit that one has made a mistake, isn't it?

And so this self-hating German liberal leftist pinko commie (sorry if I forgot a couple of names I've been called) rests her case.

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