March 24, 2010

Foo Foo and Miss Piggy Go Islam Critics

Pamela Geller ("Fearless, intelligent, beautiful -- Pamela Geller wears her Supergirl costume well ... is a dynamo of energy and a paragon of courage and fearlessness." Spencer about Geller) and Robert Spencer ("Robert Spencer is the leading voice of scholarship and reason in a world gone mad. If the West is to be saved, we will owe Robert Spencer an incalculable debt." Geller about Spencer) -- Yes, we cackled too! -- are showing backbone again. Their self-effacement and humility is legendary:
A Statement from Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of the Freedom Defense Initiative

It has come to our attention today that Martin Mawyer, who had been scheduled to appear with us at the premiere of Mawyer's film [I guess that is Wilder's film] Islam Rising in Los Angeles on May 1, has had attributed to him a series of offensive anti-gay statements made in 1997. While we don't expect to agree on all issues with those with whom we collaborate on anti-jihad efforts, we do not wish to give the impression that we endorse, agree with, or approve of in any way the statements attributed to Mr. Mawyer. Nor do we wish to give the impression that Geert Wilders or the Freedom Defense Initiative approves of such statements.

The Freedom Defense Initiative, like Geert Wilders, stands for the human rights of people of all creeds, colors, and sexual orientations against the global jihad, which works daily to impose the discriminatory and brutal strictures of Sharia upon free people. Sharia denies basic rights to women, non-Muslims, and gays, and exalts its brutal and inhumane system as divine law. In standing for human rights in this way, we consider it of utmost importance that our message not be clouded by other agendas, as we labor to build a broad coalition of free people who hold a wide variety of perspectives on other issues, united against the slavery of Islamic law.

In order, then, to avoid creating any false impressions about our agenda and goals, or those of Geert Wilders, we have decided to cancel the event in Los Angeles on May 1.
Well, what can one say? First, that this is so embarrassingly pompous, blantantly self-serving, mind-bogglingly dumb, and flatulently bumptious that it merits a full re-print here.

Second, it is interesting to notice that the Innocents Abroad, who had had no compunctions about rubbing shoulders with European fringe-Nazis, are getting their underwear in a knot about a homophobic slur. What did Mawyer say exactly? A Google search containing "Martin Mawyer anti-gay statement 1997" leads to this:
In 1997, after Ellen Degeneres came out as a lesbian on her TV sitcom, Mawyer accused her of "DUMPING HER FILTHY LESBIAN LIFESTYLE RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF YOUR LIVING ROOM!! ... If we allow the tidal wave of gay and lesbian smut to continue to pour into our homes, it will utterly consume us in no time at all!"
Mawyer had been unknown to me so far, which makes it easier for me to reduce my statement to what he said. Every word is true and amply proven over the thirteen years since Mawyer spoke them out, which leads to point three and the question in which world Geller and Spencer are living. Have Tweedledum and Tweedledee never twigged that there is a world of difference between not stringing homosexuals to cranes on one hand and letting them corrupt and insult our values, tastes and sensibilities by the swinish, aggressive public displays of their sexuality on the other?

Those ostentations are not "vibrant", "colourful" or the expression of an "alternative lifestyle", they are debased, rotten to the core, degenerated and shameless and a culture that tolerates, even lauds, something like that as an expression of progress deserves to vanish from the face of the earth.

Have Tweety and Sylvester never sensed a whiff of how purpose- and successfully the "gay" lobby seeks to abuse the repressive powers of the state to silence all expressions of opposition to their agenda? How every concession is met with new complaints and demands? That "equal rights" are the last thing they want? How an unremarkable majority silently endorses an aggressive political leadership? How frighteningly similar that strategy is to the way Muslims reach their goals?

Fourth, something fishy may be going on there. Even Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels can't really be QUITE that dumb and dumber and believe that their Freedom Defense Initiative will have the slightest influence of the Dutch elections and that anybody will notice favourably that they threw for Wilders' sake an obscure American right-wing Christian conservative under the bus. So Martin Mawyer made 13 years ago some pretty outspoken anti-"gay" statements. He should have made quite a few since, or at least that is the impression I got from my brief acquaintance with that man. Why the 1997 quote? Why side with him in the first place? His general views are well known or so it seems.

But then, maybe it is really just another sort of arse-and-elbow-confusing gaffe, like the Pro-Köln one, when Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders' great confidante, must have failed to ask him why HE did NOT attend the rally. Possibly, she finally and too late, namely after she had consented to attend, had a word with him and that made her and Spencer cancel their attendance, and not the fear of dreadful Charles Johnson of LGF-infame. Somehow, things like this tend to end in some sort of terrible stupidity-induced cataleptic ennui.

The pictures above are from "Love Parades" and "Gay Pride" events all over the world.

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Universal Realist said...

Wow! Could those guys get anymore gay? I doubt it.

As a straight/heterosexual, I personally I don’t understand how the behavior shown in the pictures helps gay acceptability in society. In the one photo with a group of shaved head leather clad gays in the foreground, I wonder how many of the people in the background are there out of curiosity? I know most people go as supporters but I could also see people going to events like these out of voyeurism or like a freak show.

I’ve work with gays over the years and we got along fine. We never talked about our sex lives. They never did public display of affection at least not around me. I would at times joke with them if they got to shrill, emotional or flaming, I would ask them if they could tone the gay down a bit or I tell them to butch up or I’d say, “Could you be anymore gay?” None of those comments stop us from being friends and being able to work together. Actually it was the lesbians who were more sensitive to comments. I only knew two lesbians that I got along with and both were very butch.

The_Editrix said...

"I personally I don’t understand how the behavior shown in the pictures helps gay acceptability in society."

But UR, the last thing they want is equal rights or being accepted. They want to dominate. They are yanking our chain. The sexual orientation of a person has nothing to do with his business and career and it shouldn't be a political topic at all. It ought to be confined to the bedroom. Homosexuals define their entire being by their sexuality, when it is only a very partial aspect of one's personality. We are all dancing to their tune.